Songs of the artist

The songs by the artist Fendoyah are for strong feelings

Fendoyah produces epic music as a special art of the modern age. In the album "The Truth about Yourself" you will experience instrumental compositions that tear your heart apart.

In addition, with the exceptionally dynamic-rhythmic and classic-oriental sounds, you also get a whole dose of spiritual feelings beyond our very being. It reflects female and male ideals in their longing for open feelings, freedom and the meaning of life. To a large extent, the music also contains dynamic sounds from the Middle Ages.
An unyielding figure of power and Eros, in her songs, Fendoyah creates a few myths about domination, intrigue, war, love and passion. With intelligence, strategy and malice, she knows how to win every fight and also how to win important negotiation talks with female diplomacy.

The instrumental pieces deliberately provoke and set emotional signs of modern art. They break traditional norms and mark the change of our time as a strong force for strong feelings and life energy.

And best of all is that the songs are also ideal for relaxation, inspiration and dance. Epic Fantasy Music and Arts in their fullest development with great songs, each of which has its own story. Learn and report on the story of your favorite Fendoyah song.