Fantasy Tales online

The Fantasy Tales of Fendoyah are a fantastic experience

Experience the Epic Fantasy Music and Arts tales by Fendoyah and your thoughts become another world – a world of power, love and beauty. But they are much more than that: a source of powerful emotions, passions and longings, through which you will recognize yourself and perceive life as it really is.

Because if you live without true feelings, you do not realize where you are and what is really going on in you. Only through your feelings will you become clear and get new strength and energy for your life goals.

In the story about Fendoyah, the unspeakable powers of love and passion between her and Eric Lodahn are at work. They are two strong and equal opponents, who from the first encounter have very strong feelings for each other.

Although they defend themselves against these feelings, they end up following their desire for the truth about what their souls want to experience to find the fulfillment of a deep yearning for life.

Their inner conflict in the struggle against themselves consists of the conflict of thoughts and feelings that contradict each other. These emotions between Fendoyah and Eric are something powerful and impulsive that is so overwhelming that they can barely control it. It is the truth about the two strong characters and their love.