Fendoyah is the powerful beauty that captivates hearts


A power women with a unique strength of feelings

Fendoyah is the power woman with the strength of feelings 

Fendoyah Argatron is a versatile creative fantasy artist. She composes Epic Fantasy Music and soundtracks, writes stories, lyrics and is also active as a film and video producer. She also creates creative animations, backdrops and backgrounds. Dances, theater and role-playing, sculptures and painting are also her special talents.

Intensively she lives emotion in all her facets. In this passion, she gives people impulses to live their feelings and to follow the fate of their lives to find the truth about themselves.

Opulent, intense, dominating, feminine and passionate – with power and Eros, Fendoyah is not only a master of self-staging, but knows how to win the audience with her female seductiveness and intelligence. For many people, Fendoyah is now also an idol for fantasy role-playing and browsergames and a popular online portal for Fantasy Wallpaper.

Fendoyah is an idol for Fantasy Role-Playing

She sees through intrigues, negotiates with powerful rulers, eliminates rivals, sets up armies, commands them and fights on their side. In the evening she dances in front of exotic scenes in the throne room of her residence and writhes in ecstasy to celebrate her triumph.

Fendoyah Argatron has made a powerful allicance with Dhargken

At her side and at her feet you can always see her bestial guardians, who are devoted to her to their bones and move in the lustful intoxication of her rhythm.

Fendoyah's Bestial Guards are devoted to her until death

Fendoyah's strikingly feminine attributes and her character as a powerful woman make her an emotional object of admiration for male and female fantasies. She is an art figure of the modern age, which has a very different kind of conquest than Angelina Jolie or Elektra, who fight openly with weapons and daggers.

The reason for Fendoyah's strong fascination lies on the one hand in the unusually multifaceted artistic expression and on the other hand in the way Fendoyah sets theatrical highlights in order to address the viewer.

Above all, it is her split personality with its hard, combative features and its gentle female nature that becomes visible in the strong feelings for the Black Warrior Eric Lodahn, which make Fendoyah an attractive fantasy figure. Dominant and submissive, and in the right mix.

No man can resist the unique beauty of Fendoyah

Her works are emotionally unusually diverse, and each stage of her life is marked by the constant desire for change.

The instrumental songs with their rhythmic drums open up a whole new perspective on powerful spiritual music in a world where men are not the dominant force over power. They arouse sensuality, pleasure and vitality and give impulses to change life in a way that is in harmony with fulfillment and meaning of life.

If you see Fendoyah, you only look once. And then you want to see her again and again.


May the feelings conquer you

Your Fendoyah