The Epic Music videos by Fendoyah are pure emotion and passion


About Fendoyah's Music Videos:

Much pomp in front of an impressive oriental backdrop. On the one hand it reminds of the old, historical monumental films. Just think of Cleopatra still today a timeless and hip classic.

On the other hand, the fabulous fantasy landscapes with their animations and figures have a strong relation to The Lord of the Rings cult.

Fendoyah's oriental dance in front of a monumental backdrop

Fendoyah lends her videos the traditional-classic pomp character of her history and at the same time imaginatively staged futuristic modern-time accents, which are expressed above all by the depicted figures and costumes.

She consciously works with sumptuously designed, backdrop-like backgrounds and artfully emphasized color accents. Her pictures are picturesque backdrops. Fascinating, sensual and lively they enrich your world with a lot of feeling, energy and passion.

Experience the fascinate passion of Fendoyah's dance videos

In confrontation with antiquity, the Middle Ages and modern times, Fendoyah marks various highlights in the theatricality of her art. She is a figure of the senses. You look and feel her. Only then will you begin to think.

Focusing on strength, intoxication, spirituality, lust and passion, Fendoyah permeates body and soul. Her dance also has many characteristics. On the one hand, she moves slowly and fluently like a snake from ancient Egypt and on the other hand swiftly and jerkily in the hardness of an iron fighter. The dances of Fendoyah can be assigned as well to the Belly Dance in the Tribal and Gothic style as to the oriental-Indian belly dance.

Fendoyah is the powerful attraction in her ecstasy dance

The ruling dominance of the strict regime becomes clear through the spiritual-ecstatic staging of the dance formations. Power, intelligence, ruthlessness, harshness and sex that's how Fendoyah commands the men's world.

In her dance Fendoyah shows her ruling dominance

In the throne room and in the sumptuous halls of her residence Amaseron her willing subjects loll around the seductive female beauty that drives them with lascivious glances and movements in the dance to ecstasy.

Fendoyah with her willing subjects in her throne room

That is why Fendoyah's emotional conflict in the encounter with the Black Warrior Eric Lodahn is extremely interesting. Here, the powerful female figure shows feelings for the first time, as she encounters a reflection of her strength, which she confronts with the truth about herself which is why the album just received this title.

Eric Lodahn is the heroic resistance fighter who fascinates Fendoyah

What Fendoyah adopted in the past to strengthen the empire of the supreme commander of darkness Dhargken suddenly dissolves into a sea of passionate emotions. A wonderful feeling dream takes its course. It is the inexhaustible love between Fendoyah and Eric.

The deep affection between fendoyah and eric becomes an intense love

Also, the extremely emotional, unusually romantic and at the same time dreamlike staging of the deep affection between the two fighter figures sets deliberate counterpoints to the otherwise rough scenery of the Fendoyah regime.

Fendoyah experiences the intoxication of emotions with Eric Lodahn

These are incomparable pictures that touch the soul at first sight and become the supernatural ideal of passionate emotions. 

Fendoyah's videos are pompous productions, which are characterized by a special grace, expressiveness and liveliness. Each video tells a part of Fendoyah's striking story.

These are feelings that move you and you want to experience it every day.


May the feelings conquer you

Your Fendoyah