Dance of Emotions in the Fendoyah Music Video Magical Attraction


Fendoyah is the spiritual Belly Dancer in a colossal fantasy world

Are you an avid fan of Indian belly dancing that is gracefully powerful and lyrical and, in addition, inspires in a sumptuously staged scenery with its colorful accents from antiquity, the Orient and the Middle Ages?

The powerful ruler Fendoyah with her Indian Belly Dance

Then get to know Fendoyah in her Belly Dance Indian Music Video. As a powerful ruler and queen of dance, she is a symbol of modern Epic Fantasy Music and Arts, which invariably stands for fascination and enthusiasm.

"Magical Attraction" is the title of her song from the music album "The Truth about Yourself", to which you will experience the music video here. It is part of the Fendoyah story about good and evil, reality and self-discovery.

Magical Attraction is the title of Fendoyah's Epic Song

The truly spiritual movements of Fendoyah Argatron to her epic music of rhythm and drums not only show their intuitive sense of body control, but reflect deep feelings in their complexity that we carry within ourselves.

In a theatrical and artistically accomplished setting, Fendoyah, as undisputed ruler, lives her emotions at the center of an ecstatic event that symbolically turns her into a spiritual and at the same time divine icon.

The willing Guardians dance around Fendoyah

She is the source of perfect beauty and femininity. Every man is her subject or falls for her at the first encounter. Fendoyah is the measure of all things and commands over everything and everyone. Her charisma is so appealing that even her subjects passionately devour her and do not leave her side.

The femininity of Fendoyah in her dance is unique

Overwhelmed by her magical attraction, they dance submissively and unruly at her side to be captivated by her divine energy. A key role in Fendoyah's Indian Belly Dance plays the gesture through arms and hands, with which she represents certain figures and attitudes.

The charisma of the ruler Fendoyah is full of emotions

Magical Attraction is an impressively realized image set by a special dancer and music producer, which is a true pleasure for the eye.

You like to watch Fendoyah, and you certainly will not watch this video once. Because you sink into your inner emotional world and feel light, free and powerful. It is your way into a new life energy, which leads you into your own center.

See, feel and experience with Fendoyah dance, movement and the splendor of a wonderful fantasy world that is closer to your reality than you are often yourself.


Fendoyah's Epic Dance Music Video – Magical Attraction

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Magical Attraction is the spiritual Dance Epic Music Video by Fendoyah

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