Fendoyah Dance Music Video The Empress of the Empire sets standards of a modern Cleopatra


A modern Cleopatra as an attractive fantasy mythical figure

She is still at the center of a mystery that is still burned into our minds today. An irresistible beauty with high intelligence and strong talents of self-staging and seduction to attract the most powerful men of her time – an immortal legend of antiquity: Cleopatra.

Fendoyah is an attractive modern Cleopatra fantasy figure

As an attractive fantasy mythical figure, Fendoyah Argatron is also attributed strong parallels to the legendary Cleopatra icon of modern times. Stubborn, cold and unscrupulous, she gives herself, like Cleopatra, to beguiling excesses in a world of splendor and a pompously staged backdrop.

A special experience is Fendoyah's dance body art with spiritual power, which she specifically reinforces by constantly scratching her willing subjects around her. They are her bestial guardians who unconditionally do everything for her. Eagerly they writhe in the dance around Fendoyah. They are always campaigning for her favor. They are everything. Protector, schemer and lover. She determines the rules – she, as a powerful and relentless ruler.

Her Cleopatra Dance Music Video is a spectacular and colorful Epic Fantasy Music and Arts work that purposely encourages to live feelings as Fendoyah does in her dances.

Fendoyah is an exotic fantasy icon

Unlike Cleopatra, Fendoyah has other exotic attributes that make her a popular modern-day icon. Her claw-like peacock nails with the magical poison of the shadows, which she uses in addition to dancing, to make prisoners willing servants of the Dhargken Empire, have parallels to the Indian temple dance, like the figural representation of her dance poses. They are reminiscent of statues and sculptures from previous dance cultures.

Nevertheless, Fendoyah's dance is an independent composition of performing arts and always seen as part of emotional theater performances in the context of their rhythmic Epic music.

Fendoyah deliberately uses dance, movement and staging to create moods and express feelings and intentions.

The peculiarity of the genre is also evident in the costumes of the dancing guards from the throne room. Although they wear Egyptian masks, their capes and armor are from the Middle Ages. Above all, the Black Warrior Eric Lodahn is a fantasy figure, which strongly reminds of a knight from the Middle Ages.

The dance music video "The Empress of the Empire" is also a special fantasy production by Fendoyah, which stands in the isolated tension field of her story and differentiates itself from other genre productions with its obstinate form of presentation and symbolic message.

It is a clear challenge to feel and to live feelings – just like the other music videos by Fendoyah to her eponymous songs.

Look at the great pictures and read her striking story – and you will become part of the Fendoyah world.


Fendoyah's Epic Dance Music Video – The Empress of the Empire

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The Empress of the Empire is an Epic Music Video by Fendoyah

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