The Fendoyah Video Feeling Dreams is both myth and epic


The deep affection for the Black Warrior becomes more and more a clear revelation

Does Epic music inspire you, in which there is so much power and feeling? Then welcome to the Epic Fantasy Music and Arts World of Fendoyah. Here you will experience everything that inspires you so much that you never let it go, because you are at the center of a special history of power, love and passion.

"Feeling Dreams" is Fendoyah's powerful and emotional Epic Music from her music album "The Truth about Yourself", which awaits you as a video on this page. It takes you into a fabled fantasy world where you can not only see breathtaking landscapes, but above all the two main characters from the Fendoyah story in their desperate struggle for love, passion and closeness.

The feelings of Fendoyah for the leader of the Negahls Eric Lodahn are strong

After Fendoyah lets the Black Warrior and leader of the Negahls Eric Lodahn return to the rebel camp, she can less and less resist the strong feelings for him. She seeks him out more often outside in the vastness of the sea of rocks Barnard. Eric Lodahn also appears where she is and also falls prey to the intense passion for the powerful ruler.

Eric and Fendoyah share a passionate destiny in their deep love

Their encounters are the decisive turn of a fateful destiny that both share in their deep love for the questions of life. The narrative power of these images in the video is so great that they merge with the powerful and emotional Epic Music to form an energetic entity.

Above all, the intensification of the emotional conflict that Fendoyah and Eric are exposed to through their deep feelings for each other is a key highlight of the story, in which the title of the music album "The Truth About Yourself" comes into play.

The feelings of Fendoyah and Eric are so strong as dreams

Both recognize through their feelings, who they really are and what is it that makes their lives. What Fendoyah and Eric had given up in themselves or was meaningless before suddenly becomes a clear picture of their soul. So, they give each other strength and comfort in the hours of the abysses in the bitter struggle against the Dhargken Empire.

The love of Fendoyah and Eric makes them strong allies. And that's exactly how they both defeat evil in the end.
Let yourself be enchanted by the feeling of a passionate romance that becomes eternal love. A love that never ends.


Fendoyah's Epic Dance Music Video – Feeling Dreams

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Feeling Dreams is a fascinating Epic Music Video by Fendoyah

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