About the power, passion and love of two heroic mythical figures


Eric and Fendoyah in the fire of a wild passion between two opposing power worlds

In the fire of a wild passion Fendoyah and Eric Lodahn stand between two opposing power worlds

In the merciless fight, they face each other as opponents – strong, charismatic, powerful and unyielding: Fendoyah Argatron, the icy ruler of the dark rock temple Amaseron serving the Dhargken Empire, and Eric Lodahn, the Black Warrior and leader of the rebellious resistance fighters from the empire of Fehrrol in the fight against the Dhargken Empire.

between Fendoyah and Eric Lodahn is a magical attraction

Although they are on opposite sides, they are identical in their character traits – marked by contrasts and extremes that make them successful fighters in their fields. But also through the traumatic experiences from their past Fendoyah Argatron and Eric Lodahn have strong parallels, which are in a close relationship to each other and determine their fate in the further course.

At the core of these experiences is the sinister magician Dhargken Eksthrin Medunadt. He as the hearth of evil – responsible for the fact that Fendoyah’s once good soul froze to stone by his curse as punishment for her unrequited love and making her the tool of his sinister machinations.

The sinister magician Dhargken is the core of the evil

But even to the Black Warrior Eric Lodahn Dhargken adds terrible torments to increase his power. He disgraces him in such a cruel way that Eric Lodahn becomes an icy avenger against the empire of his shadow realm.

In addition to their character parallels, Fendoyah Argatron and Eric Lodahn have a strong mental connection to each other right from the beginning, even before their first encounter.

This strong spiritual connection, strengthened by its magical powers, inevitably brings them together.

Fendoyah lures Eric Lodahn into a trap to capture him

That goes so far that Fendoyah herself decides to extradite Eric Lodahn to the Dhargken Empire, after no one can defeat him. And the iron resistance fighter Eric Lodahn gets involved in Fendoyah's stratagem, though he knows from the beginning that it's a trap.

The encounter of Fendoyah and Eric Lodahn becomes an inevitable fate that both cannot escape. So Fendoyah is not only fascinated by the sight of the heroic resistance fighter from Fehrrol, but wants Eric Lodahn at all costs as her lover.

Fendoyah's strong sexual desire for Eric Lodahn

In order to achieve her goals, Fendoyah finally takes what she wants by force – forcing Eric Lodahn to sex and passion with the help of her bestial guards. And it is precisely these brutal attacks that trigger not only the insane feelings of sexual ecstasy at Eric Lodahn, but also the traumatic experiences of his past.

So he defends himself with all his strength against Fendoyah and in the consequence against his own feelings, since he also desires her from the beginning.

Fendoyah with her irresistible power and eros

The spectacular Epic Warrior Music Video by Fendoyah tells the legendary story of two mythical figures clashing with passion, power and eros from the beginning in the fire of a deep love.

It is the struggle for wild emotions, desires and passions in a rousing fantasy epic that is not only accompanied by colorful backdrops and impressive animation backgrounds.

The dark world of Amaseron becomes Eric Lodahn's fate

The Fendoyah and Eric Lodahn Theme is an emotional Epic Warrior song from the music album by Fendoyah "The Truth About Yourself". It shows that through true love we find the access to our deeper realities of life and thus the truth about ourselves.

The fantasy love story between Fendoyah Argatron and Eric Lodahn symbolizes a milestone of human feelings of true existence and fundamental meaning of life.

The love between Fendoyah and Eric Lodahn is very deep

Experience great emotions in a fantasy LARP world of ecstasy and passion that make the Fendoyah and Eric Lodahn theme an unforgettable epic.


Fendoyah's Epic Warrior Music Video – The Fendoyah and Eric Lodahn Theme

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This is Fendoyah's Epic Warrior Music Video Song - The Fendoyah and Eric Lodahn Theme


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