The moving emotional video between Fendoyah and Eric


The attractive rebel leader of the Negahls arouses Fendoyah's deep passion

Eric Lodahn is the attractive rebel leader of the Negahls

It gets turbulent in the Fendoyah story, because Eric Lodahn, the Black Warrior, is increasingly coming to the forefront of the feelings of the powerful ruler. So, the evil and the good Fendoyah wrestle for the heroic rebel leader of the Negahls.

Fendoyah is fighting for the favor of Eric Lodahn

In the confusion of emotions, the beautiful Fendoyah becomes more and more involved in a conflict that changes her thinking and drives a wedge between her and the Dhargken Empire. Because her feelings for the Black Warrior Eric Lodahn become more intense.

Fendoyah feels a deep affection for Eric

So the intense desire pushes Fendoyah farther and farther out into the sea of ​​rocks Barnard, where she meets the Black Warrior and can be the woman she really is. Finally, her emotions come to life and her heart, once turned to stone by the curse of Dhargken, feels intense love like never before.

Even the mask that covers her face in Amaseron like a shadow of darkness, in the presence of Eric Lodahn becomes an insignificant nothing and deviates from her.

Also, the Black Warrior Eric Lodahn feels strongly attracted to her and falls more and more in love with her. Like Fendoyah, he also returns to himself through his love to her. As a result, the experiences of his former traumatization become insignificant for his life.

The Warrior Love Scene of Fendoyah und Eric in Barnard

The Warrior Love Scenes in the music video to the Fendoyah song "The Black Warrior" from the music album "The Truth about Yourself" are a fantastically romantic journey into the distant fantasy worlds of a magnificently staged backdrop.

In their encounter, Fendoyah and Eric are happy about every moment they are together. Their closeness and togetherness are characterized by gentleness, tenderness and a deep passion.

The tension and antagonism of the strong conflict between the good Fendoyah and the evil ruler is deliberately underscored in the music video by emotional scene changes between the healing world of Barnard and the imperial residence Amaseron.

Fendoyah in the emotional conflict in her imperial residence Amaseron

Impressive dance movements in the interplay between the characteristic personalities of the actors and the fascination of breathtaking landscapes make the video a special Epic Fantasy Music and Arts work.

It shows feelings that we want to live every day. The music video by Fendoyah "The Black Warrior" to the song of the same name has a spiritual power that will not let you go. You keep thinking of those great moments and the many feelings in a world where you can be what you really are.

And now watch the romantic Warrior Love Scenes in Fendoyah's Music Video and let the rhythmic Epic Song inspire you with thoughts that give you new energy and power for your life.


Fendoyah's Epic Dance Music Video – The Black Warrior

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The Black Warrior is the emotional Epic Music Video by Fendoyah 

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