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A spiritual goddess who finds the good again through true love

Fendoyah fights her enemies with power and eros

Beauty, power and Eros – in the world of Fendoyah it is intoxicating, opulent and passionate. In the relentless struggle between good and evil, boundaries blur and open the gates to a new reality of life.

The Ruler Dhargken beats Fendoyah with his curse

In a world between darkness and light, the dark ruler Dhargken beats the feminine beauty Fendoyah with his cruelty and puts all his wickedness into her.

The curse of enslaving men's souls, driving them into the darkness and taking possession of them forever, drives Fendoyah to cruelty, war, corruption and enslavement.

Fendoyah rises to the Empress of the rock temple Amaseron

She rises to the Empress of the Rock Temple Amaseron and aims to destroy the forces of light forever.

Equipped with strong magical powers, her fight is mainly for an opponent: the Black Warrior Eric Lodahn, who has also learned the magic of the dark forces and as leader of the Negahls from the rebel kingdom of Fehrrol ferociously fights the Dhargken Empire.

Eric Lodahn as Leader of the Negahls fights the Dhargken Empire

Anyone who comes into contact with Fendoyah's beauty and power becomes addicted to her. She is crafty and very powerful. Behind her feminine grace is a cold, deceitful heart.

The Black Warrior Eric Lodahn is a power figure that fascinates Fendoyah 

Of particular relevance to the Fendoyah stories are the strong emotional tensions that occur between the female power figure and the Black Warrior Eric Lodahn.

It is the decisive turning point: the night in which the bestial guardians of the ruler bring Eric Lodahn to their dark throne as a prisoner.

Fendoyah's bestial guards bring Eric Lodahn as prisoner of the dark throne

Although Fendoyah and Eric are opponents, the mutual attraction of the two main characters on their first encounter is so great that both cannot resist these intense emotions.

Nevertheless, they are adamantly fighting against it, until their feelings become an irrevocable reality. Both learn the truth about themselves and turn themselves as allies against the evil kingdom of the supreme commander of darkness Dhargken.

Consciously, Fendoyah has written only excerpts from the scenes in her story. So that everyone learns the truth of the feelings from a different perspective. Because it is the way to yourself, which leads to the light and will always determine us.

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Read it yourself, and you will know the truth about your feelings.

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