One of the best High Fantasy series about the heart of the Black Warrior Eric Lodahn


Eric Lodahn’s truth revelations by Rhagin Thoralyn

The Heart Thinking Of The Warrior is one of the best High Fantasy Book Series by Fendoyah

Engulfed by the whisper of the forest I completely indulged in my feelings. I was in the middle of the forest - not far from the northern rocky gorge Mallahd Arka, our rebel residence Fehrrol. My heart was heavy that day.

I walked through the forest slowly, taking a deep breath. I did that a few times to relieve my depressed mood.

Immersed in my thoughts I listened to the rustling of the trees, which seemed to be brought to live more than ever by the warm wind. Suddenly, I stopped amid the trees. Falling leaves stuck to my cape.

Wind blowing in my face. I closed my eyes and felt to be far away from everything when in the middle of this forest. It was a place where I felt as free as nowhere else. It was a uniquely eternal place where past and present merged. A place where time stood still …

The Heart Thinking Of The Warrior is one of the best Epic Fantasy Stories by Fendoyah

“I knew you were coming to this place today.”

Jerkily I opened my eyes – recognized immediately the voice, which spoke again to me:

“How come you startle yourself?”

Now I heard footsteps, and felt the presence of a strong aura that protected me. Then I slowly turned around to him until I saw his face. Rhagin Thoralyn – he stood right in front of me and looked at me.

“You know that present and future revelations are only a reflection of yourself. You not only carry the pain of the past in you. What lies ahead of you determines your destiny as well. It is that part of your innermost feelings that reveal the truth about yourself.”

“Have you come to fathom my thoughts?”

“And haven’t YOU roamed enough today?”

The Heart Thinking Of The Warrior is an emotional Epic Fantasy Story by Fendoyah

"What do you mean?"

“Exactly what I have said.”

I understood that Rhagin Thoralyn meant the confusion of my present mood and answered:

“Yes, I did.”

“Then become aware of the feelings that guide you and determine your path. Because these feelings also direct The Magic of the Shadows in you.”

With these words, Rhagin Thoralyn came to my side. His closeness gave me warmth and comfort just as much as his next words.

“Your inner strength is just as unbroken as you are, Eric Lodahn.

“You know me well.”

“Who could ever know you better than the one who saw and experienced your great pain first hand? Your feelings are present through me too.”

No doubt there was no one who could feel with me as deeply as Rhagin Thoralyn. I was very happy to have him as a friend. I affirmed my attachment to him.

The close friendship between Eric Lodahn and Rhagin Thoralyn

“Yes, and it’s good you are by my side.”

Now Rhagin Thoralyn came close to me and gripped my shoulder with one hand. Then he said gently:

“I know, sometimes you feel lost because of the pain you have suffered …”

“That’s true. And then I don’t know if I can complete the task you have instructed me for, Master.”

The grip of Rhagin Thoralyn on my shoulder became more insistent as he answered:

“You are the man with The Heart Thinking Of The Warrior. That’s why you can direct The Magic of the Shadows towards justice, liberation, and salvation so that the light can return to the overshadowed world of Amahgand one day.”

Eric Lodahn and Rhagin Thoralyn are the strong magicians from the Fendoyah High Fantasy Series

“The heart thinking of the warrior … once you have said it was a providence …” I hesitated. My gaze dropped to the floor in front of me, then clung to Rhagin Thoralyn's face as if I were asking him: what do you REALLY see in me?”

Lost in thought, Rhagin Thoralyn looked into the distance. Finally he gave me the answer:

“Someone who once condemned the good forces of light for their lies because they have killed him. Someone who once betrayed himself and lost himself in emptiness and darkness.

Someone who, in the fight for his life, followed his grief and has survived his suffering and his hangman. Because he still hoped. Because he still believes. And because he still carries the good in him – the truth about himself. And you are truly great in your feelings because, deep inside of yourself, you have never lost love. That is the Heart Thinking Of The Warrior.”   

Eric Lodahn is the man with The Heart Thinking Of The Warrior

The words of Rhagin Thoralyn pierced every fibre of my body – because I was so touched by what he said. Because I remembered my exact feelings from back then …

… and I felt this unbearable pain and it became silent around me.

Now it was quiet.

I could hear that silence.

And I knew that the powers of light were not here today.

Believing it was finally over, I wanted to determine my own destiny.

I wished to die. My life should fade.

As slave of Dhargken Eric Lodahn suffers terrible pain

But fate wrote history and brought me back from the night.

My destiny was an entirely different path.

A new door opened …

Rhagin Thoralyn. It was him who has saved me. And he not only was the man who had saved me from the painful torments, but also my best friend and ally against the ruler, who was my worst enemy and had done this to me: Dhargken.

But above all, Rhagin Thoralyn was the light of hope in my struggle that gave me strength and confidence to one day fulfil my destiny and make Amahgand a world of light again …    


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