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Eric Lodahn in the intense intoxication of desire for Fendoyah

This is the abstract of the Fendoyah High Fantasy Saga about Eric Lodahn's deep passion

The rebellious resistance fighter and Black Warrior Eric Lodahn, who ferociously is fighting the dark magician Dhargken Eksthrin Medunadt as leader of the army of the Negahls from the empire Fehrrol, faces an inevitable fate.

Although he knew about Fendoyah's trap from the start, he nevertheless agreed to it. Consciously, to meet her personally. Meanwhile, Eric Lodahn was not only a prisoner of the powerful ruler Fendoyah Argatron. With the intention of unconditional submission and disposition she has also made him her slave.

The High Fantasy Love of Fendoyah Argatron and Eric Lodahn is very passionate

After the unbearable resistance of Eric Lodahn, Fendoyah forces him to numerous nights. To achieve her goals, she was determined to do anything. Under the brutal violence of their beastly guards and the use of their magical rituals, Eric Lodahn finally losts his last forces in the persistent resistance to Fendoyah.

When, after further attacks, he is finally on the brink of exhaustion, Eric Lodahn finally finds himself in the deep abyss of despair. His feelings become increasingly unbearable – deep feelings of affection, desire and passion. And they are for the woman who stands by his worst enemy: Fendoyah Argatron.


Time – sometimes it stands still – even if it passes unceasingly. Everything blurs in the distorted shape of confused images. There is neither past nor future – only the present stands like a branded seal right in front of me – indispensable as a fixed fact.

The Fendoyah High Fantasy Story is about an eternal Love, that starts in prison

Because still I was in the dungeons of Fendoyah's chambers. This time it was a stone wall with two pillars to which I was tied – with several chains – as was the case with Dhargken in Prinocter. The thought shook me just as much as my desperation that overwhelmed me more and more.

I stared ahead of me at the icy coldness of those rigid walls and felt my great exhaustion. This time, Fendoyah's men had taken my powers from using the magic ring and paralyzed my resistance with the drug-poison that had penetrated my body.

Ten of the bestial guards of Fendoyah had held me. Afterwards, an additional guard had pressed the magic ring above the right side of the hip on the bare spot of my body after it had been exposed.

The poison had burned hard, and the pain had been hellish. Now I was noticeably dizzy. But my senses were clearer than ever – just like my thoughts.

So I knew that Fendoyah had made me her slave and wanted to break my will so that I became her lover. Any means to force me was right for her. You had to force a man like me – that’s exactly what her words had been.

Passion Between Worlds is a High Fantasy Love Story between Fendoyah Argatron and Eric Lodahn

And though it was true, there was another side in me – a side that did not see Fendoyah as the accomplice of my worst enemy. A side that saw her as she must have been bevore she had succumbed to evil through Dhargken's Curse.

Because she was the woman I wanted and had always wished for in my longing dreams. In my momentary intoxication I could feel this deep desire clearly within me. It got more and more intense. And it tormented me. Because I wanted to love her – wanted to take her as a man – wild, passionate, to be close to her forever.

This is the abstract of the Epic Fantasy Love Story Passion Between Worlds by Fendoyah

Fendoyah could give me this fulfillment with all the feelings like no other woman – I knew that since the first moment of our encounter. And now I saw it clearly before me in the beguiling intoxication of her magical poison, which unfolded its effect more and more and let me see the vision of our love and passion clearly before me:

Fendoyah's beautiful female figure appeared out of nowhere in the far distance of the sea of rocks Barnard – where we met and were free in our feelings to be who we really are: Fendoyah Argatron and Eric Lodahn.

Like a gentle whisper, I heard her words in me speaking to me. It was their thoughts and they were for a man whom she wanted to be passionately taken and loved: Eric Lodahn.

“I looked into the endless wideness and knew he was waiting for me there. A man – unbroken in his strength and great in his feelings. A man from afar you will not forget as well as I cannot forget him and followed his call to be one with him forever …”

Passion Between Worlds is the awesome Epic Fantasy Love Story by Fendoyah

So Fendoyah's voice sounded over the farthest peaks of the wide sea of rocks and made my heart race. Impetuously I swirled my cape and turned to the direction of her voice, which touched me to the last fiber of my body.

There she stood and turned in intense excitement. Her graceful, provocative movements put me in an indescribable spell. It was the same desire that I felt in her. I knew she wanted to be taken – wild, passionate, hard – but also tender, gentle and soulful.

She was a woman who knew exactly what she wanted and went the whole hog. Strong, unyielding and then incredibly empathetic and soulful, Fendoyah was just like me. That's why this strong attraction was between us.

Experience the deep passion of the two warriors Eric Lodahn and Fendoyah Argatron

Then came this moment. Fendoyah came very close to me and touched me. Jerkily, I grabbed her and kissed her. First on the neck – then on her mouth. Then I let her go again and grabbed her arms.

Spellbound, Fendoyah threw her head back, dropped her body onto one of the nearby rocks, and infatuated moved her excited body in front of me. Again and again. And more intense. I knew I had banned all her senses. Her willingness put me in a wild rush of emotions.

I leaned over her with one leap and brought her more and more into ecstasy. Eventually, everything that was conceivable and lay before us faded away and sank into an impetuous sea of ​​emotions. It was our union on this full moon night that sealed our deep love and passion forever ....

Passion Between Worlds is an Epic Fantasy Love Story with a striking Film Music Video by Fendoyah

Suddenly – a noise. First softly – then louder and louder. Drums. They were drums. They rang and tore the night. At the same time we heard the echoing sound of swords being hit on the shields. They were armies – the troops from our own ranks. They called for us. Ready for battle. And we both knew what that meant.

They were our two worlds. With all their contrariness, they broke over us like the great storm of a shattering annihilation. They separated us just as quickly as they had previously brought us together. And the truth was clearly ahead of us.

Passion Between Worlds is a High Fantasy Warrior Story by Fendoyah Argatron

She was Fendoyah Argatron – the powerful ruler of the rock temple Amaseron and leader of Dhargken's army in the fight against the resistance movement of the Negahls with the mission to deliver the Black Warrior to Dhargken.

And I was Eric Lodahn – the Black Warrior and leader of the army of the Negahls in resisting the Dhargken Empire – against the ruler who was my worst enemy in the willingness to lead this fight to the bitter end.

The Warrior Eric Lodahn in a deep Passion Between Worlds in the High Fantasy Story by Fendoyah

To the echoing blows of the swords and drums came now calls – the cries of the warriors who stood determined and ready to fight on the side of their two leaders: Fendoyah Argatron and Eric Lodahn.

Oh, I knew I could not give in to the desire for her as long as she stood by Dhargken's side. Ironically, I behaved as warlike as my troops and offered her the forehead to show her she would never defeat me.

At the same time, I heard the wild calls of her warriors. It was the beastly guards Fendoyah commanded and who followed her to the death. Cold-blooded, she also held out her sword to me and in her wild threatening gesture showed me the great power she possessed.

Fendoyah Argatron and Eric Lodahn are two passionate Warrior Lovers

Yes, I knew this power. And knew that I could not really oppose her. Because it was her power as a woman who had conquered my heart and soul.

I knew our passion was between worlds. The distance seemed insurmountable. But especially these worlds that brought us together in the intense urge to meet each other.
And it was exactly this encounter that had fueled our passion between worlds.

This strong desire we both carried in us – Fendoyah Argatron as well as Eric Lodahn, who was me. In the deep despair of this passion that lay between the worlds beyond our minds, I knew that Fendoyah would took me again – in the dungeons of her chambers.

Passion Between Worlds is one of the awesome High Fantasy Stories by Fendoyah Argatron

Here and now, where under the drugged influence of the magic ring and my soul pain, I was weak enough to be docile. And I would be docile to her, because I wanted her as well – just like this never-ending passion that lay between the worlds – our opposite worlds ....


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