Eric Lodahn's brutal exploitation by Dhargken


The reflections of a great warrior on his trauma

Eric Lodahn's reflections on his trauma

Over the former world of the light Amahgand lay the darkness. Now the dark veil was also over the north of the land. With the destruction of Sheerasaan and the destruction of the Magicians from the Viohrdor Guild, this fate had also been sealed.

And it took my last hope. The hope for a way out. The hope for a turnaround. And the hope of salvation that could bring back the light.

The Black Warrior Eric Lodahn is the last surviving magician of the Viohrdor Guild

Because I was the last surviving magician from the Viohrdor Guild. And I stood in the middle of the action as a powerless power tool to serve with my powers a very specific ruler.

A ruler who was filled with boundless greed and cruelty. A ruler who had left me as the only magician of the Viohrdor Guild to exploit me in the worst possible way. He carried in his eyes the blazing fire of the abysmal shadow realm that made the darkness in Amahgand an irrevocable reality.

He was Dhargken Eksthrin Medunadt, the sinister magician and supreme commander of darkness. From his powerful residence – the rocky fortress of Prinocter – he had created a realm of terror that gained in strength from day to day.

Dhargken Eksthrin Medunadt from the dark shadow realm Prinocter

And Dhargken took that strength from me. Brutal and unscrupulous. Every night he came to me. In the dungeon of the deep prison rooms of Prinocter, where he kept me as a slave.

Despair had driven me to escape several times already. But Dhargken had brought me back. Through his henchmen. And he found me everywhere. A true pleasure for him was the hunt – and an even greater triumph the imposition of punishment on me.

The chastisement with countless lashes and the subsequent shackling at the stake, which lasted up to three days, was one of Dhargken's favorite methods of punishment. I was struggling to heal the scars with the remaining magic – the last power Dhargken left me. And it was not enough to escape.

Dhargken's henchmen bring Eric Lodahn into the dungeon of prinocter

He was just keeping me alive, so that I was enough for his purposes. I would have liked to put an end to my life to prevent Dhargken spreading his darkness all over Amahgand. But I was not even able to do that.

I was in this dungeon surrounded only by walls and a front with iron bars. And I knew what to expect .......


The crashing hall of her footsteps tore me from my rigid daze. All of my senses suddenly returned. They flowed through my body and drove the beads of sweat on my forehead.   

Dhargken's henchmen. With a powerful blow they opened the dungeon door. At the same moment I was up, running – past them to the dungeon door. I was barely a few steps from the dungeon door when they grabbed me. Brutally they pulled my arms backwards and pushed me on to the opposite dungeon wall.

Eric Lodahn is seized and tortured by Dhargken's henchmen

With all my strength I fought them – Dhargken's henchmen and their brutal violence, though I knew it was pointless.

Finally, I was at the end of my powers. They overcame me, forcing my body against the wall with their rough force. Then they grabbed my head and my throat – almost tied my throat – as they tore it back to this wall just like my wildly throbbing body.

Then I heard Dhargken – how he came slowly to us. I felt his dark touch on me. It was a nauseating aura that pushed me away. Just as distasteful were his words.

"Even today, the signs are favorable for the power of the shadow empire Prinocter. And it will not be my last triumph – more. The greatest achievement of the power of the shadows is yet to come ... "

Now his beastly henchmen came very close to me and tore my clothes. Again and again. I felt her icy brutality and my simultaneous helplessness to do anything against them.

Finally, my torso was naked with the visible scars of Dhargken's last brutal assault.
Deep hatred burned in me. Hatred against him. Against his henchmen. Against his kingdom. And against my helplessness.

Dhargken tortures Eric Lodahn with his magic dragger

Dhargken stopped right in front of me. Then he drew his magic dagger. I barely saw it, as its beastly henchmen still held my head, but could still feel it. The standing pain of Dhargken's magic dagger that shook my whole body. I squirmed with unbearable pain left by the sharp blade through the deep cuts in my skin and wrestled with my control to suppress the screams that I wanted to expel.

Several more times Dhargken drove his magic dagger over my chest before leaving me. From the blood that ran everywhere from my wounds, he drew the magical power for his greatness. At the same time it weakened me with unimaginable torments that I suffered.

Tormented, I closed my eyes – fell into a daze, which was like a hypnotic state under the influence of drugs.

But despite my excruciating weakness, I felt one thing very clearly in me: the great hatred that was directed against Dhargken. This hatred kept me alive and gave me powers. They were unique magical powers, and I hoped these forces would one day strike him to pay him back for what he did to me ....


In prinocter Eric Lodahn suffers unimaginable torments

These were the great sufferings of a magician whom I have not gotten out of my mind since his time here in Prinocter: Eric Lodahn. Not only because of the degree of his education. Rather, I admired him for his strength. It was unique. Just like him. Perhaps that is why Dhargken had chosen him to gain greatness for the power of his empire.

His silent screams tore the night, and I could feel his torment within me as if I myself were the victim of Dhargken's terrible deeds.

Eric Lodahn had to stay alive. I knew that I had to go to him to give back some of the strength Dhargken had taken from him. And I knew it because the night of the full moon ritual approached, in which Dhargken would finally seal the completion of his power. What that meant for Eric Lodahn was also clear to me.

Half-dazed and absent-minded, he sat there leaning against the dungeon wall. Eric Lodahn. His head was sunk to the side. He did not look at me as I stepped into the dungeon. Nevertheless, he noticed my coming.

Rhagin Thoralyn comes to Eric Lodahn in the dungeon

I quickly pulled a cloth from my cape and put it on the injured parts of his violated chest.

Now Eric Lodahn jerked his head to me. His eyes were wide. Fearfully he looked at me.

"It will relieve your pain," I reassured him. At the same time I handed him another cloth, which I had provided with healing magic. "Here, take that too. That will give you new powers."

Eric Lodahn was still staring at me. Now the fear left his eyes, and he was astonished.

"What do you want"? The question was demanding. At the same time, Eric Lodahn indifferently and apathetically turned his head to the side again.

"You know who I am?" I finally asked him.

Now Eric Lodahn looked me straight in the eye. I clearly saw his deep bitterness and the great hatred that burned within him.

"Rhagin Thoralyn. Especially YOU as the personal teacher of Dhargken should know best that I have nothing left for magicians of your kind. "

Eric Lodahn was really bitter, and I could not even blame him.

"I understand your feelings," I said to him in a gentle voice.

"Oh really? Just YOU! "The biting irony of Eric Lodahn was unmistakable.

I ignored it and looked at him seriously, as I spoke to him in detail: "If you want to survive – listen to me ... .."

Depressed, Eric Lodahn shook his head as he replied, "Who says I want that?"

Eric Lodahn is at the end of this power

"Dhargken will complete the full moon ritual in two days to affirm his final greatness. For that you need all your powers. Take some of my magic strength through this cloth. Put it the night on your chest and let the healing powers work in you. That will help you.”

Summoningly, I held the cloth with my magical powers to Eric Lodahn's body. Until he took it from me. His gaze wandered from the cloth to my face as he whispered in a low voice, "Why are you doing this?"

"Because, like you, I'm looking for a way out. And in YOU I see the healing light of this world .............."


When Rhagin Thoraylin left the dungeon with these words, I watched him for a long time. These last words had touched me in an unimaginable way. Long forgotten feelings in me were present again. So alive – so intense and strong as never before.

Even as I laid the cloth on my chest that night, I thought of the man who had given me hope in this time again – a man who had obviously turned against Dhargken and detested him as much as I did, even though he himself had been his teacher .......


The Night of Dhargken's full moon ritual with his henchmen

The night of the full moon approached. The hour of Dhargken, in which he wanted to establish the realm of terror in the world of Amahgand, to defeat the powers of light forever. And there was only one power he used for it: Eric Lodahn.


I was violently seized by Dhargken's bestial henchmen and dragged out of the dungeon. The passage through endless corridors ended in the great hall of the dark throne – the throne of Dhargken. I knew this room. Knew what Dhargken had done here for torture.

Eric Lodahn is violently seizend by Dhargken's bestial henchmen

I needed a lot of power to endure what awaited me and what Rhagin Thoralyn had predicted for me.

The beastly guards dragged me right in front of Dhargken. We exchanged hated looks. His next words were sure of victory.

"Today is the night of the full hour when I will finally unite myself with the flames of the Shadowrealm to an unimaginable greatness that will rule everything – throughout Amahgand."

Dhargken completes the magic ritual to get the powers from Eric Lodahn

"Your hour will also come, Dhargken, in which the shadow kingdom of your triumph will stand before the deep abyss of defeat." I answered hatefully.

Dhargken was unmoved by my hated words. Instead, he came closer to me as he said, "Before and right now at this hour you will give me as my slave what I deserve as future ruler: your powers!"

At a handshake of Dhargken I felt again the brutal grips of his henchmen on my arms. They tore at me and dragged me across the room to those two large piles to which they tied me.

Eric Lodahn's torture on the piles

Then they drew their daggers almost at the same time as Dhargken. They cut my clothes until my upper body was clothed only with rags. The rest was done by Dhargken himself. As he raised his dagger, I turned my head doggedly, looking into the distance, trying to distract myself.

Nevertheless, the unbearable pain tore me when the sharp blade hit my chest for the first time and left a deep cut. The pain that hit me seemed almost unbearable. But this was only the beginning. Several times Dhargken drove the blade of his magic dagger over my chest. Ruthless and brutal.

I groaned, trying to endure the pain. But it seemed almost impossible. I screamed at the next stitch of the blade. The unimaginable torments overpowered my whole body. Never before have I had to endure such pain.

I felt my strength dwindling – was on the verge of unconsciousness – felt the blood rushing to my chest everywhere. My entire upper body burned with pain and was a single hellfire.

My consciousness was increasingly lost in the state of an emotionless eternity, as I saw it more and more clearly in front of me: my strength.

The moon was high, surrounded by dense fog. I felt the soft breath of the mist touch my body and turn it into a wind that dispelled the pain – it dissolved into nothingness as if it had never existed. The strength guided my actions that night, and I knew that I would be the one to challenge Dhargken.

After his torture Eric Lodahn sees magical power

The power of a strange magical power flowed through my body. Guided by this power, I knew of my destiny, which guided my actions. It was something big, waiting for me somewhere in the distance. A mighty clout, bigger and more powerful than Dhargken would ever be .......


And I remembered those great sufferings that had made me what I am today: the Black Warrior and leader of the Negahls of the rebel kingdom of Fehrrol, which, like me, had become a powerful force in the fight against the Dhargken Empire. And I had a faithful teacher and friend by my side: Rhagin Thoralyn, who had saved me.

But nevertheless I was drawn by the deep wounds of my past and the great torments that haunted me again and again. It was the trauma of a warrior, which one day I should overcome by a very specific woman: Fendoyah Argatron.


Excerpt from Fendoyah's High Fantasy Short Stories Series "The Suffering of a Magician" – © Fendoyah


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