Fendoyah and Eric in their deep affection outside in the rock sea Barnard


Fendoyah and Eric meet in their deep affection outside in the sea of rocks

In his deep affection Eric Lodahn meets Fendoyah in the sea of rocks

The night came in over the sea of ​​rocks named Barnard.
All around me were bare rocks, otherwise everything seemed dead and empty.
But I knew too well that right here and now, out in the endless silence of this rocky sea, there was more life than I could feel in any place in this world.

Fendoyah is the beautiful woman who conquers the heart of Eric Lodahn

It was the touch of an unshakable strength that touched and gently stroked me.
The touch of an intense embrace – springing from the deep emotional world of an immaculately beautiful and irrepressible woman with flowing, long, deep-dark hair.
I felt her voice like a soft whisper in me. It enchanted and captivated me – was as uniquely fascinating as her.

Fendoyah. In the middle of the rough rock landscape Barnard she had been waiting for me in a lonely cave. Far away from all the world events that could separate us, she had called me here, knowing that I would inevitably follow her call anywhere, anytime.

Eric Lodahn and Fendoyah are restless in Barnard

"You are truly restless that night." Her clear words pierced me to the core.
There she stood. Right in front of me. Even though I knew how beautiful she was, each time it stole my breath when I saw her.
"Would I be here otherwise?"
Now she came slowly towards me.
She tilted her head slightly as she replied:
"Just as little as me. We share the same fate: emotions that are unbearable, drive us to madness and out into the endless night ... and in the end, in all this darkness we have not wandered enough yet. "
"Until we meet and know that there is only one thing that can break this spell," I added.

Fendoyah and Eric are touching each other passionately

At that moment we hugged each other, holding each other tight, as if we were afraid to lose ourselves. Our eyes met. A long, gentle kiss. It became more and more wild and passionate. Then Fendoyah took my hand.

In passionate love Fendoyah takes Eric Lodahn's hand

"Let our love stand over this night today and banish the shadows around us forever."
"There is always light in your area. And it will never be different. "
Now Fendoyah dropped her head on my shoulder.
It was like finding a safe place to rest and forget about forever.

"Never before have I loved anyone more than you, Eric. Stay with me and do not go away. "
Her gentle words pierced my heart like a painful sting. Because I knew it was not possible.
"The shadows that surround us will soon be everywhere if we cannot stop Dhargken – even here to the sea of rocks Barnard they will penetrate."

Eric Lodahn and Fendoyah let stand their love over the night in Barnard

"Then let our feelings speak that night and cast away from us the shadows of this darkness that Dhargken has created. He will never break our love – not even through the deepest darkness of his kingdom. "

Yes, I knew how much Fendoyah loved me. It was the same indescribable feeling of deep affection and closeness that I felt for her. And I, too, knew that this eternal love would never separate us.


Excerpt from Fendoyah's High Fantasy Short Stories Series "Fendoyah's Confession" – © Fendoyah


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