In the feelings for Fendoyah Eric becomes the prisoner of despair


In the emotional conflict with Fendoyah, Eric Lodahn suffers agonizing pain

I was in her rooms – in the waiting room, and time seemed endless.

Eric Lodahn suffers agonizing pain as prisoner of Fendoyah

Another night had passed with her – a night in which she had again forced me to submit to her using her magical powers.

In the desperate fight against the unbearable feelings of the night, I had suffered great torments that now possessed me and sent my thoughts raging. I was weakened in my strength and did not know how much longer I would hold it.

Oh, how could it be reality, what I felt?

I was a prisoner of despair and could not help it.
My breath was heavy. I would have liked to collapse in myself.

But my hands were tied, and my arms stretched between those two pillars and that wall so that I could only stand. Stand and hold in my pain and despair with my back against this wall.

My eyes became rigid – I looked into the void in front of me – lowered my head dejectedly.

Fendoyah forces Eric Lodahn to submit to her

The door in front of me was pushed open. She stood in the room.

I jerked my head up and looked straight into her eyes. Despite the weakness, my iron defiance returned.

Fendoyah. There she stood, her beauty nearly taking my breath away. Yes – truly, no man could resist her – as I did not – I felt that more and more clearly in me, and it intensified my desperation.

The passionate feelings between Fendoyah and Eric grow

She came right up to me. I felt myself tugging at the shackles – tense and almost trembling, so exposed to those tormenting feelings as I was to her.

Fendoyah stopped right in front of me and I could feel her unbearable closeness to me. We looked at each other – then she slowly touched my chest with her claw-like hands and began to drive down it.

"You do not have to suffer that way, Eric," she whispered to me.

"Why are you doing this?" My eyes were fixed straight ahead.

"What exactly do you mean?" Her voice was unusually gentle – literally pierced me like a stab deep in the heart.

Fendoyah has put Eric Lodahn in chains

"Destroying men this way for the Dhargken Empire."

"Because they are subject to me like all mortals."

"How can you like this brutal way? Is freezing cold the only thing you own? What deceptive certainty is it that directs your actions, as it does in a night like the last one? "

Now Fendoyah touched me gently on the right shoulder.

"You know it's different this time. I could have tortured or killed you long ago, as I have done with the other prisoners, if I had wanted to. "

“Yes, but you have not always been like that. "I lowered my head.

Now Fendoyah began to touch my breast again with her claw-like fingers until she was at my throat. Her eyes were serious.

"Do it!" I said encouragingly, "push them into my breast!"

Eric Lodahn started to fight back against Fendoyah, when he becomes her prisoner

At first Fendoyah looked at me determinedly, then she stopped. Instead of drilling her claw-like fingers into my chest, she cut my clothes up and tore off my top.

Now I started to fight back against her. Repellent, I turned my head to the side, tugged at the shackles, lost the temper and I drove to her: "You are in no way inferior to Dhargken – no, in the unscrupulousness you still surpass him."

Fendoyah now furiously slapped me in the face. Then she jerkily grabbed my head, held it tight, pressed her body to mine with full force and kissed me wildly.

I struggled, squirming, trying as best I could with the shackles to beat around me. When I then feel her very intensively across my whole body, I finally lost my strength. I succumbed to this wild passion that I had never experienced so intensely.

Oh, I wish she was different and I could love her – but she was not. Every time after those nights, I felt my pain grow. I was a prisoner of despair, of which there was no way out.

Fendoyah touches Eric Lodahn with her beguiling femininity  

Fendoyah touched me with her beguiling femininity in incredible intensity. I knew she could be different. Only for a brief moment did I feel that deep inside me. As I did now in this wild passion.

And I knew that I would give anything to be loved by her – but maybe we were already on the way to that love.


Excerpt from Fendoyah's High Fantasy Short Stories Series "Prisoner of Despair" – © Fendoyah


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