Fendoyah shakes the feelings of Eric Lodahn as a supernatural woman


Eric Lodahn succumbs to the beauty of the supernatural woman Fendoyah

Eric Lodahn is captured by the guards of Fendoyah

In cold and stormy rain, I was captured by her and dragged in fetters by her bestial guardians to the dark throne where SHE was staying.
Her eyes were like fire, her long hair hung wild against her shoulders, her eyes were cold.

She looked at me. From the first moment I knew that she had the devil in her body when her eyes touched me. I did not like her greedy look and knew it was going to cause a catastrophe. It would happen between us that which was not allowed to happen.

I wanted to resist her with my iron defiance, knowing what she was doing with prisoners to make them servants of the Dhargken Empire forever.

Fendoyah with her devoted guardians

But she was stronger, lost herself in me, looked at my body, deep in my eyes, and decided to submit me to her will.

I was not put in prison, her mind burned with the desire to take possession of me.

Her magical powers were known to me, which she used through her claw-like nails. She drilled them into the bodies of her victims to force them with violence and ruthlessness into submission.

The passion between Fendoyah and Eric is intense

Oh, why are you so ruthless, cold and brutal and have no feelings?
Oh, charming woman, I do not want you to take possession of me in this way, do not want to be your servant like others whom you have subjected to the Dhargken Empire.

I do not want to yield to your power, beautiful woman. Your unscrupulous, brutal behavior repels me. Only dislike is what I can feel for you.

Your attempt to vanquish me always ends the same.
I resist with all my might against your encroachments and your evil magic.

Finally, you get angry and tell your rude guards to chain me up and whip me so I give in and bow to your will.
I feel the raging pain and at the same time how the hatred in me gets bigger and bigger.
It lets all pain feelings die.
Bring your wonderful, cruel face in front of my eyes.
At the end, everything ends in despair.

Oh, I want you, beautiful woman with every breath of my soul.
Your immaculate beauty drives me crazy.
The fiery temperament in your eyes awakens any emotion.

But it is hopeless.
There is no chance for us to come together.
I know I could never accept being your servant.

But I had no chance to escape your desire of breaking my resistance.

One night, when the moon was at the highest point of the glow, you took me with soul and body to subject me to your will.
It was an insane passion that I had never experienced before.
I resisted these feelings with all my strength that I did not want, was one with you in the stream of this fierce passion that I had always longed for.

Fendoyah subjects Eric Lodahn passionately to her will

Oh, supernatural woman, your unique beauty is irresistible.
That night, I felt how strong my yearning was.
But I hated you for the way you took me.

Oh, you damned woman of beauty, unique woman, your feminine attraction, with which you conquer men, will never take possession of me.
I will never bow to your power. Never.

Fendoyah is the powerful woman who conquers everyone

Supernatural woman, mortals cannot resist you.
Supernatural Woman, with your ability to see in depths, you are superior to others.
They can feel the danger that grows with your appearance.

She was the supernatural woman, had the fate to find someone like her.
She had the power to see, was looking for her whole life to find HIM someday.

And I knew it was me who was the only man destined to break her spell.

Eric Lodahn is a man of unique strength

Because I was Eric Lodahn, the Black Warrior, leader of the Negahls from the rebellious kingdom of Fehrrol, a reflection of her strength and power.


Excerpt from Fendoyah's High Fantasy Short Stories Series "Supernatural Woman" - © Fendoyah


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