The first encounter between Fendoyah and Eric is a fate full of passion


A new life reality is destined for Fendoyah and Eric through their first encounter

The first encounter between Fendoyah and Eric determines a new life reality

The voices were low, full of awe and fear.
The drums were like a thundering threat.

She was an image of fantasy and reality, so strong was her female form of perfection.
Long, pitch-black hair fell down almost to her hips.
She had deep green, bright eyes that gave her the look of a big cat.
The fiery lips burned with lasciviousness. She had a face of impeccable beauty.

Fendoyah is an image of fantasy and reality 

A skintight top, adorned with jewelry and pearls, a chain of tails and a sexy tassel skirt, clothed the well-defined female body, which was of perfect proportions.
A beautiful, gloomy female figure whose superiority no one could defy.
She was undoubtedly a rarely beautiful woman, and no man probably resisted her grace.
With cold eyes she looked at me.

It was the magical glow of his power that dazzled me the first time I met him that night when he became my prisoner and stood before me.

The Black Warrior Eric Lodahn, leader of the Negahls from the kingdom of Fehrrol.
No doubt he was the most stubborn resistance fighter Dhargken had ever had.
Never before had I felt such charisma and power as when I saw him. So it was him.

Eric Lodahn, the Leader of the Negahls is captured and put in prison

The Black Warrior, who also mastered the magic of the dark forces like no other before him.
Now I would finally see who he was.

Slowly I approached him. I looked deep into his eyes, then stopped in front of him.

My eyes wandered down his body until they clung to his face, which was covered by the mask.

"So you are. Eric Lodahn, the Black Warrior and leader of the Negahls, who rebelled against the magician's empire and supreme commander of darkness Dhargken. "

"That is as nefarious and obnoxious as you are."

The resistance of Eric Lodahn against Fendoyah is unbroken

Now my bestial guardians seized him. Roughly they held his hands and his head.
"Let's see your face."

At my command, they pulled down the mask from Eric Lodahn.

At the sight of him I jumped inwardly. That he was so attractive, I had not expected.

I knew that I wanted him from the first moment. Next to him, all the men I had known before lost their meaning.

"You hide such a pretty face behind a mask?" My voice was like a whisper.
"Just like you," he answered defiantly.

He was right. We had that in common. And maybe there was a lot more.
I knew that he despised me for my brutality and coldness and because I was obsessed with taking his powers and subjugating him to Dhargken's empire, as I had done with all the others before him.

He would defy me with all his strength and would not bow to my will at any cost, I knew that. I saw it in his eyes. But I also knew that he wanted me as well.

"Someone as interesting as you is sure to have much more to offer. Take off his armor.”

Now Eric Lodahn began to defend himself ferociously against my bestial guards, who were tearing at his clothes and struggling to hold him down.
Finally, they held his armor in their hands, drew their daggers, and violently cut his clothes until his torso was bare and covered only with rags.

I saw the deep defiance in his eyes and dislike, and I liked it.
Slowly I approached him. The sight of his bare torso excited me as he awoke my wild passion for him.

"You are very attractive, leader of the Negahls," I finally said. "But also unruly. We'll probably have to rein in your temperament. "

Eric Lodahn defends himself ferociously against Fendoyah's bestial guardians

Cold, I glanced at my bestial guards, who tightened their grip on Eric Lodahn. I approached him until I was right in front of him. Then I reached out my left arm and slit a wound into his chest with my claw-like nails.

Although the magic poison burned like hell, Eric Lodahn did not make a face.
Full of defiance, he looked at me, and I admired his determination.

"It works fast and will make you feel more peaceful. Soon you, too, will become a willing servant of the dark empire of Dhargken. "

"Never." His words were as sharp as he was, and he pleased me more and more.

"Bring him into the great hall of my chambers and put him in chains," I thundered the command to my bestial guards.

My eyes fixed again on Eric Lodahn.
"... .expect me there, when you have thought about everything in peace, because our next meeting will not be so harmless."

Full of defiance, Eric Lodahn gave me one last look before my guards dragged him out into the great hall to put him in chains.

And the hour of our next encounter came quickly ...


Excerpt from Fendoyah's High Fantasy Short Stories Series "Encounter of Destiny" – © Fendoyah


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