Fendoyah advances against Dhargken and his empire


The beautiful Fendoyah gets into serious trouble with Dhargken

Fendoyah avances against Dhargken and his empire

Never before had I stood on a hillside during a shelling and watched a city being destroyed. Fehrrol, the realm of the Negahls and rebel leader Eric Lodahn, the Black Warrior, whom I loved like no other. It hit me like a personal defeat.

My hatred for Dhargken grew day by day. Although it was very dangerous, I knew that I could help Eric best when I was here.

Sadthagor, my first commander came to me.

"What news do you bring from the Rebel country?" I hissed at him.

"Exalted Empress, we have sighted the first rebel alliance transport freighter heading south of Fehrrol. All troops ready to intercept the transporter. "

"Change of instructions, commander. Prepare all troops for retreat from the southern post. Obtain new position on the east side. "

Sadthagor looked at me in surprise.

"But we already have the truck in a corner and can stop it."

Now I angrily hissed at my troop leader.

"I said you should withdraw the troops. Are you hard of hearing, Commander, or should I be clearer?"

"No, exalted Empress. I will arrange the withdrawal immediately. "

"You have to report immediately, as soon as the eastern position is assumed, Commander."

"At your command, exalted Empress."

I knew that changing that warfare tactic put me in an adverse position, risking that Dhargken would not approve of that step. But I was already thinking of a reason for this action, which I would present to him.

But it was even worse to hide that I was working against the Empire in the meantime and that my disgust for Dhargken was growing.

Especially his approaches I could not stand.

Through her intrigues against Dhargken, Fendoyah gets into trouble

Because of my rank as ruler of Amaseron and Empress in his kingdom, I was a victim of this fateful situation and yet knew no way out.

But it was exactly this high rank that enabled me to help Eric Lodahn and changed my tactics in favor of the rebel fighters. However, it was clear to me that Dhargken would notice the resulting failure immediately because he did not know me as a loser. So far I had won new victories for him, brought him new subjects and increased his empire.

Now I was finally myself again, knowing that I would do anything to destroy him for what he had once done to me by his curse.

The situation was very dangerous for me, but I would use it alone for Eric Lodahn, as long as it was possible.

The moment I stepped in front of the supreme magician and commander of the darkness Dhargken came quickly.

His throne room was filled with drunkards, who willingly scrambled for Dhargken's throne when I was led in by the guards. The sight was completely disgusting and I was already fighting for my control.

"You have ordered me to you, exalted one."

"And it was very wise of you to comply with my request so quickly."

The biting irony in his words was unmistakable. Already, they were a threat.

Disgusting, I threw my hair aside and looked at Dhargken intensely, as if I wanted to destroy him with my magical powers. And that's exactly what I would have liked to do.

The conflict between Fendoyah and Dhargken intensifies

"What is the reason that today you have such bitter words ready for me, exalted ruler and supreme of all magicians?"

He ignored my provocative dedication.

"May I know why you voluntarily let escape a transport from the Rebel Alliance, Fendoyah and issued this foolish order to assume a position on the east side of the destroyed Fehrrol?"

Of course, I had expected this question.

"This step was necessary to get ahead of the rebel with a surprise moment, Supreme. Had I intercepted the transport, they would have known we were stationing troops and taking immediate countermeasures. "

"That's obvious. But from the eastern side, our forces are too far away from the enemy camps and out of reach to launch an annihilation attack, Fendoyah. What do you say to that?"

Now I became defiant and the anger in my voice intensified.

"I said I'm planning a surprise maneuver, exalted Ruler. It is common practice to go outside the enemy's reach. "

"I dislike your tone, Fendoyah," Dhargken tempered me.

I recovered, although it cost me all my efforts.

"Excuse me, exalted one, but you wanted an explanation from me."

"Yeah sure," hissed Dhargken. "If this procedure leads to the desired success, I will forgive your impertinence. You're hereby dismissed, Fendoyah. "

"Always to serve, exalted Ruler."

I bowed to him and walked out of the room knowing that he had seen through me.


Excerpt from Fendoyah's High Fantasy Short Stories Series "Against the Empire" – © Fendoyah


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