The love between Fendoyah and Eric becomes the only reality


A short story of passion about a love that never ends

The raging waves of the violent sea pounded against the wall of the fortress high up in the tower in which I find myself.

In the sea of rocks Barnard Eric meets Fendoyah

I look into the distance and feel the rush of the waves in me.

Nevertheless, it is quiet around me and I hear in the silence the endless cries of despair in me, feel in the motionless vastness the raging waves of the sea, driven by the raging wind.

They spring into me and tear things into the timeless flood of darkness and light.
I am the storm in this silence, and it is nothing that rests and is silent.

Eric Lodahn is the Black Warrior and powerful Leader of the Negahls

I am the Black Warrior, Leader of the Rebels of Fehrrol, strong and powerful, and riding in the vastness of the waves like the raging storm.
Impetuous is the bow of my doing.

He cuts through the indivisible, does not give way to the sea in front of me, does not close it behind me. I take water and sea for eternity, conquer the sea and when it strikes back with its violence, almost threatening to smash me, it drives me even further in my actions ...

Endless Passion connects Eric Lodahn and Fendoyah in their love

And then I see HER standing there next to me,
so strong and proud, like an impregnable fortress, seemingly emotionless,
but it is a deception.

SHE is a wonderful beauty of nature, full of feelings that are now back to the good.
SHE loses herself like me in the endless expanse of the sea and sees me more and more clearly in front of her. HER jet-black hair fluttering in the raging wind and her sensual eyes fixing me.

HER sight is wonderful, unique and forever my destiny.
I feel my yearning for HER because I love HER.

Eric Lodahn feels the deep longing for Fendoyah

And then I see myself standing there with HER,
how I make my way through the raging storm and lose myself in the endless expanse of the sea.

My thoughts are with HER.
How I long for HER.
And she was right.

I believe in Providence,
the perseverance in an endless eternity only for a single moment.
How much I wish it now. This moment.

Fendoyah comes to Barnard to meet Eric Lodahn

Then I turned around.
HER steps were silent.
Still, I had heard them.
And I knew that SHE would come.
Alone for me.
And SHE knew that I had been waiting for HER here.

I turned around to her.
HER piercing eyes met mine, and my heart was up to my neck so that I could hear it myself.
I felt my deep love and the intense yearning for HER.
I wanted HER to come to me. And SHE came to me.
Looked deeply into my eyes.

I returned her long gaze and saw HER perfect, beautiful face right in front of me.
Slowly I leaned over to HER, also SHE came closer.

Gently our lips touched, at first slowly and tenderly, then more and more passionately, until we kissed each other wildly.
I hugged HER and SHE me, felt the endless, wild excitement that overwhelmed me.
So we became one in this night, which had no tomorrow,
because our passion would never end.

Eric Lodahn and Fendoyah find the truth about themselves because of their love

It was an eternal love, the truth about ourselves and our only reality.


Excerpt from Fendoyah's High Fantasy Short Stories Series "The Truth About Yourself" – © Fendoyah


Author: Fendoyah Argatron © Copyright Notice
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