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A detailed description of the names and figures from the Fendoyah Story

Learn all about the figures and places of the Fendoyah Story 

Amahgand – the entire world of light in which the good once reigned before the mighty magician and supreme commander of darkness, Dhargken, brought evil across the land.

Amaseron– the rock temple in which Fendoyah reigns. The residence is a part of the kingdom of Dhargken, which he transferred together with his power to Fendoyah, to make her the sole ruler.

Bestial Guardians – Fendoyah's subordinate servants who wind around her in ecstasy and cruelly do anything for her.

Barnard– the wild, impassable sea of rocks far out in the southern part of Amahgand, which consists of rugged mountains and rock landscapes and central meeting places between Fendoyah and Eric.

Dhargken Eksthrin Medunadt – the mighty magician and supreme commander of darkness and at the same time ruler of the Empire Prinocter.

Eric Lodahn– the Black Warrior traumatized from a previous experience with Dhargken, who therefore as leader of the Negahls from the rebellious kingdom Fehrrol becomes an iron resistance fighter against Dhargken's rule.

Fendoyah Argatron– the beautiful, irresistible woman, once sprung from the fire of nature to fill the world with her glory. Out of spite of unrequited feelings, Dhargken plunges her into the deep abyss of darkness to seize the soul of every man and act as ruler in his kingdom.

Fehrrol – the residence of the Negahls and rebel fighters led by the Black Warrior Eric Lodahn

Gorhda – the country of origin of Dhargken, from which he raises his evil powers over the kingdom of light Amahgand.

Mallahd Arka – the impassable canyon north of Fehrrol, which uses Dhargken as a central point of attack on the rebel residence.

Mohrgaan – the serf’s servant of the Empress Fendoyah in Amaseron.

Negahls – the tenacious resistance fighters against the empire of the mighty magician and supreme commander of darkness Dhargken, lead by Eric Lodahn.

Prinocter – residence of the mighty magician and supreme commander of darkness Dhargken.

Rhagin Thoralyn – former teacher Dhargken's and leader of the Negahls before Eric Lodahn. He rescued Eric Lodahn during his escape from Dhargken's captivity and instructed him in the dark magic of the Shadows to destroy Dhargken in return.

Sagaahl – Supreme Overseer of the Bestial Guardians in Fendoyah's Palace.

Zhjeekan – senior commander of Dhargken's army and personal advisor.


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