A story about true love and the good that moves emotions


The striking story of Fendoyah tells the truth about our deepest feelings

It was far from our days. In a time when emotions were against the freezing cold of time, so strong, so relentless, to dissolve forever into nothingness.

Fendoyah's emergence through a raging ray of fire

There, where heaven and earth unite, to unfold a new variety of stars and to raise a raging stream of fire. A ray of fire bright as the sun. So it merged into a female human body to become one of the pristine beauty of nature.

It was a woman. A woman with long, flowing hair. She had a name that was to burn in people's minds forever: Fendoyah.

Fendoyah is the wonderful Beauty that captivates hearts

At that time, a time that long ago had passed. in which peace had reigned in Amahgand. A new power from the realm of shadows had risen, arising from the greed of the magician and supreme commander of darkness, Dhargken Eksthrin Medunadt of the former land of Gorhda.

Enraged by the persevering resistance of the Negahls under the leadership of the Black Warrior Eric Lodahn against the rule of his empire, Dhargken used his powers to create a huge residence in Amahgand: the rock fortress Prinocter.

The rock fortress Prinocter is the huge residence of Dhargken

Since then, he had only one thought: to take the Black Warrior under his control and to take the powers from him.

The Black Warrior Eric Lodan is the resistance fighter against the Dhargken Empire

It was only a single look that should forever determine the fate of Dhargken, the supreme commander of darkness: Fendoyah. Feelings, longings, dreams, passions. All this came together in her fascinating beauty like a sensual stream of infinity.

Fendoyah's nature of beauty fascinates the magician Dhargken

There was no doubt that Fendoyah had everything a man wanted. She made him crazy with desire, and Dhargken was eager to lose his passion. But Fendoyah turned away from him.

A single look at Fendoyah determines Dhargken's Fate

"I cannot love a shadow," she said to him, "a shadow that has invariably dedicated itself to annihilation."

Dhargken burned with rage and imposed a wicked curse on Fendoyah. If he could not have her, she should not belong to any man.

"I condemn you from now on to wander as a lonely warrior in the eternal darkness. Your heart should turn to stone in cruelty forever and you should strive just as I only for annihilation.

So you should be unable to love and instead take possession of the soul of a man to make him the subject of my kingdom of darkness. I appoint you the sole ruler of the kingdom of Amaseron and give you my magical powers so that in my place you can kill the Black Warrior Eric Lodahn."

Fendoyah is appointed by Dhargken as ruler of Amaseron

So Fendoyah became a powerful tool of Dhargken's machinations. Her power was unbroken, and every man's heart was weak when she looked him in the eye.

Only one should break this spell: Eric Lodahn, the Black Warrior of Light and leader of the Negahls from the rebellious kingdom of Fehrrol in resistance to Dhargken's reign.

The Black Warrior Eric Lodahn from the rebellious kingdom of Fehrrol

Inexorably chased by Dhargken's henchmen, Eric Lodahn eventually becomes Fendoyah's prisoner. She also is eager to meet him in person.

The capture of Eric Lodahn seals Fendoyah's Fate

Fascinated by his strength and obsessed with the idea of breaking his iron resistance and turning him into Dhargken's servant, Fendoyah finally falls more and more into the passionate feelings of Eric Lodahn. He too falls in love with her.

Fendoyah and Eric through their deep love become allies

A decisive turning point takes its course, as the two become more and more united through their love – they become allies – and turn together against the supreme commander of darkness Dhargken, to destroy him forever ....


The monumental story of Fendoyah is a special form of Epic Fantasy Music & Arts. It addresses a charged emotional tension between two strong opposing characters, which increases to an immeasurable degree and thus leads to a decisive turnaround.

For example, Fendoyah does not treat Eric Lodahn in the same way as she does with the other prisoners when she meets him for the first time – see the excerpt from the story "Encounter of Destiny".

And instead of turning him to darkness with the black magic of her clawed fingers and delivering him to Dhargken, she succumbs to the passionate feelings for Eric Lodahn and falls in love with him – see the excerpts from the story "Prisoner of Despair" and "Fendoyah's Confession."

The Fendoyah story symbolizes an elemental life experience that we all make in some situation. Because sometimes we walk the wrong paths and live a life that is not meant for us.

We believe that we are what we are, but in reality we are not. Until intense feelings that lead to true love confront us with the truth about ourselves and lead us to the true destiny of our being.

So Fendoyah also recognizes, through Eric, who she really is and where she belongs. As a result, she returns to herself and becomes the woman she was before Dhargken cursed her.


The Story of Fendoyah – © Fendoyah