The story by Fendoyah is filled with striking characters


Striking characters act in the Fendoyah Story

Fendoyah is the symbolic story of a fantasy world. It reveals the only reality of our live. True love that goes deeper than anything we imagine. This love brings out the truth about ourselves and we become who we really are.

Here you will learn all about the main characters and locations of the Fendoyah Story. Because the personalities of the occurring fantasy figures, fantasy landscapes and residences are striking. They give the story and its special symbolism lasting impressions, which are in our thoughts and our feelings.

Above all, the love between Fendoyah and Eric Lodahn and the emergence of their unique love are a lasting milestone of the fantasy and art world in our modern era. It shows what we all are looking for in life to be who we really are.

See who lives far from our days in the land of Amahgand near Fendoyah and how those characters are who we might like to be even today.

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Fendoyah Argatron is the significant protagonist of her symbolic story

Fendoyah Argatron         

Eric Lodahn is the male protagonist of the Fendoyah Story

The Black Warrior Eric Lodahn

Dhargken Eksthrin Medunadt is the mighty magician of the Fendoyah Story

Dhargken Eksthrin Medunadt – dark magician   

The bestial guards are the subordinates of the Fendoyah Story

Bestial Guardians the subordiantes of the dark empire  

Rhagin Thoralyn is the former teacher of Darkon

Rhagin Thoralyn Dhargken's teacher

Mohrgaan is the serfs servant of Fendoyah

Mohrgaan Fendoyah's servant

The rock temple Amaseron is the powerful residence of Fendoyah

Amaseron – Fendoyah's rock temple

The rock fortress Prinocter is the dark residence of the Fendoyah Story

Prinocter  Dhargken's shadow realm

Fehrrol is the rebel residence of the Negahls against the Dhargken Empire

Fehrrol the Land of the Negahls

Barnard is the vast sea of rocks where Eric and Fendoyah meet

Barnard – the Sea of Rocks

Main Characters and Locations of the Fendoyah Story – © Fendoyah