Amahgand from the Fendoyah Fantasy Story as the all-encompassing world of light


In the world of light Amahgand lies the original reality of being

Amahgand is one of the Fantasy Locations and Names of the Fendoyah Series

Like a protective mantle, it surrounds all imaginable live in order to preserve and thrive it forever in the true being of nature and to make it prosper: Amahgand.

It is the whole world of light in its all-encompassing power as an important cornerstone of the creation of a natural existence that unfolds in all its beauty of life.

Amahgand is the perfection of the good. As the bearer of light in the sign of hope, the country stands in the decisive breakthrough to clear existence manifestations, which point to a profound sense of existence of divine origin.

So Amahgand is a unique kingdom of divine charisma and attraction. In the north you will find rugged rock mountains and rough gorges. The middle is covered with the deep green of wonderful oases. There are many forests and meadows as well as the colorful diversity of a magnificent flora and fauna.

Amahgand is the World of Light from the Fendoyah High Fantasy Saga

The south of Amahgand is a desert area that stretches across much of the country, but in between is always filled with green oases.

The central city in the Empire of Light Amahgand is the sacred site of Sheerasaan, which attracts many residents and travelers from all over Amahgand.

The dominant people in the world of light Amahgand are the Negahls. It consists of several tribes in very different residential areas. Some are located in the wooded mountain valleys – the others colonize the border areas between the sea of rocks Barnard and the southern desert areas.

In the course of the progressive seizure of power by the dark magician and supreme commander of the darkness Dhargken Eksthrin Medunadt more and more Negahls join together to form a resistance movement, which is still very small at the beginning.

Although they know they cannot do anything about the great power of darkness, the Negahl's hope for the Light does not die. They carry in their hearts the divinity of a world that has its origin in Amahgand in every imaginable form.

Amahgand as the original reality of being from the Fendoyah High Fantasy Series 

The guiding message of the world of light on the everlasting good, the protective and the meaningful, moves, captures and shapes the lives of the people, creatures and other beings living in it.

Amahgand is an indispensable part of being. The Land of Light is the source of inspiration for every nascent life with pulsing breath that carries within it the divine power of the Cross. For whoever experiences this power will be healed forever and experience the happiness of a revelation that makes him find himself.

And that is exactly what happens in this time in the world of Amahgand with two very specific people: Fendoyah Argatron and Eric Lodahn, who, in the test of their task between heaven and earth, reach their limits in order to gain the truth about themselves in a radiant light from this darkness.


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