The rock temple Amaseron is Fendoyah's center of power


The magical rock temple of a powerful ruler

Amaseron is the rock temple where Fendoyah rules. Like the main residence Prinocter, Amaseron belongs to the empire of the mighty magician and supreme commander of darkness Dhargken.

Amaseron is the magical rock temple of the powerful ruler FendoyahAfter punishing Fendoyah with his curse, Dhargken gives her the sole reign over the Rock Temple Amaseron in the south of the Dhargken Empire. From her future residence, Fendoyah, as his ally, is to destroy every man who belongs to the world of light.

The magical rock temple Amaseron is a magnificent palace, which is equipped with many corridors and dungeon rooms. Here Fendoyah enslaves every soul of a man to subject him to Dhargken and his sinister empire.

Even the Black Warrior Eric Lodahn gets as a prisoner of Fendoyah in the rock temple Amaseron, where Fendoyah winds with her bestial guardians full of ecstasy in her dances.

The powerful residence of the beautiful ruler is for Fendoyah and Eric Lodahn the central scene of their wild passion that becomes a deep affection and eventually an alliance against Dhargken.


Amaseron – © Fendoyah