Barnard becomes the fateful meeting place of Fendoyah and Eric


The sea of rocks Barnard as an unreal place full of life and intensity

Barnard is an impressive sea of rocks that extends over large parts of Amahgand. It consists of rugged rocks, vast deserts and volcanic rocks. Although at first glance this infinite vastness seems empty, barren and dead, Barnard has a great magical appeal.

The impressive sea of rocks Barnard is the magical place of the encounter of Fendoyah and EricMaybe through the hurricanes that swirl the sand around like wind gusts or through the clear starry sky that you can see at night. Thoughts also condense into a clear image, only to dissolve again into nothingness.

The wide sea of rocks Barnard is a place of yearning that arouses deep feelings. It is the total merging with the nature of a barren wasteland that unfolds in its full force, to let this force flow into someone who feels Barnard in him.

In the vastness of this endless sea of rocks, you meet the Black Warrior Eric Lodahn. It is the place where he feels freedom, to feel his energy and strength, the passion for his fight, but also the release from the tormenting memories of his past.

Even the fulfillment of deep love the Black Warrior Eric Lodahn finds in Barnard. Because the sea of rocks becomes a secret meeting place between him and Fendoyah. Far out in Barnard, under a breathtaking starry sky at night, a long-awaited reality is fulfilled. Because here Fendoyah and Eric are united only in their love.

Thus, Barnard becomes a auspicious place for their encounters.


Barnard – © Fendoyah