The bestial guardians of the Dhargken Empire have no mercy


Unconditional subordinates with rough methods

The bestial guardians are the subordinates of the Dhargken Empire whose souls were enslaved forever. Unconditionally, they serve the dark realm of the mighty ruler and supreme commander of darkness.

The bestial guards are subordinates to the Dhargken EmpireThe bestial guardians are also constantly seen on the side of Fendoyah in the magical rock temple Amaseron, where they wind around her in ecstasy and wrestle for her favor.

They are brutal, raw and violent. In addition to Dhargken, they are also unconditionally devoted to Fendoyah.

Their harsh methods are felt above all by the Black Warrior Eric Lodahn, when the bestial Guardians bring him as a prisoner to Fendoyah. Mercilessly, they also want to force him into submission. Their ruthless and brutal character reflects, among other things, the unquenchable power struggles of the ruler of Amaseron Fendoyah.

The deliberately neutral look of the bestial guardians of the dark empire has Egyptian attributes. Above all, they harmonize with the outward appearance of Fendoyah, which reminds a little of Cleopatra.

In addition to their strong fighting qualities, the bestial guardians always dance and writhe with passion around their ruler. They are wherever Fendoyah is, always flanking her at their side.


Bestial Guardians – © Fendoyah