The mighty magician Dhargken Eksthrin Medunadt strives for conquest and annihilation


A powerful dark magician from the shadow realm

Dhargken Eksthrin Medunadt is the mighty magician and supreme commander of darkness, who rises in his insatiable greed over the land of Amahgand. He wants to destroy the world of light forever and make Amahgand his kingdom – a realm of the dark shadows.

Dhargken Eksthrin Medunadt is a powerful dark magicianTo this end, every means is right for him. Dhargken is unbelievably cruel. Having risen from the depths of depravity, he lets his dark breath flow over the world of Amahgand.

For this purpose, Dhargken increases his powers. And he takes those powers from a man who will one day become his greatest opponent: ​​Eric Lodahn. The magic of the shadows makes Dhargken an undisputed ruler.

He sets up a mighty army: the army of the dark shadows. And this army is powerful, invincible and made to be the executor of the Dhargken Empire.

Dhargken Eksthrin Medunadt sees himself not only as a powerful magician, but also as the supreme commander of darkness, whose purpose is to rule over this darkness. When Eric Lodahn becomes the Black Warrior, and as leader of the resisting Negahls from Fehrrol starts a war against his empire, Dhargken Eksthrin Medunadt sees his power endangered.

He wants to destroy Eric Lodahn at any price. At the same time, the fate of the powerful magician and supreme commander of darkness is determined by a great passion that applies to a very specific woman: Fendoyah Argatron. His anger increases as Dhargken is rejected by feminine beauty. Through his course, he transforms Fendoyah into an image of his wickedness and makes her an accomplice to his dark realm.

In his desire for Fendoyah Dhargken Eksthrin Medunadt suffers from jealousy. Therefore, as his power tool, Fendoyah takes possession of the soul of a man to subject him to the Dhargken Empire. It is the evil of a wicked magician in his dark machinations, which especially are directed against a specific enemy: ​​Eric Lodahn.


Dhargken Eksthrin Medunadt – © Fendoyah