Fendoyah Argatron is the powerful beauty that unfolds the whole world of emotions


A warlike ruler full of femininity who as an emancipatory model breaks every taboo

Fendoyah Argatron is the powerful ruler of AmaseronFendoyah Argatron is a powerful fantasy and art icon of the modern age.

As a fascinating beauty, she not only turns the head of the mighty magician Dhargken, but also puts the relentless and rebellious Black Warrior Eric Lodahn in severe distress.

Once came into the world of Amahgand as a good-natured being, Dhargken's curse makes Fendoyah a cunning ruler of the dark empire.

With a lot of power, sex appeal, and intelligence, Fendoyah brings down every man to make him a servant of Dhargken forever.

Despite her pronounced dominance and her fighting spirit, Fendoyah is also well versed in feminine seduction and skillful diplomacy. In addition, Fendoyah has pronounced soft characteristics, which are mainly expressed in her strong feelings for the Black Warrior Eric Lodahn.

Fendoyah Argatron conquers the heart of a man with her unique beautyThe powerful ruler of the residence Amaseron and successful accomplice of Dhargken – strong, cold, cruel, brutal and violent, becomes weak at the sight of the attractive Black Warrior. Eric Lodahn is a man who reveals all the feminine attributes of Fendoyah: passion, gentleness, tenderness, and finally love.

Contrary to the other impulses to destroy men and conquer them only for the purpose of subjugation, Fendoyah wants Eric Lodahn as a lover. The strong attraction to the Black Warrior and iron resistance fighter against the Dhargken empire is due to the strong similarity of the two characters.

Like Fendoyah, Eric Lodahn hides his face behind a mask and is a reflection of her strength and power. Through the Black Warrior, Fendoyah encounters an image of her split personality with the deeper character traits. Both are traumatized. Fendoyah by the curse of Dhargken and Eric Lodahn by the former enslavement and the torments that Dhargken inflicted upon him during his captivity.

Fendoyah admires Eric Lodahn for his great empathy, passion and determination in the fight against Dhargken, and above all because he is just as extreme as she is. On the one hand relentless and hard and then again very sensitive and even melancholic.

The emotional conflict for Fendoyah is so strong that she finally forgets her mission for the Dhargken Empire. Instead, the deep passion for the Black Warrior Eric Lodahn is increasingly becoming her driving force that she makes him her lover against his will for several nights.

In her endless love and passion Fendoyah stands for the pronounced sensuality of an emotional life energy, which gives lasting impulses for change and new meaning of life. And that's exactly what makes her a popular fantasy figure that unfolds the whole world of emotions.

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