Mohrgaan is the loyal subordinate at the side of Fendoyah


A loyal subordinate with a lot of empathy and cunning

Mohrgaan is the personal subordinate of Fendoyah. Like his mistress Fendoyah, he has acumen and cunning. He is also a good fighter. But Mohrgaan is also always smart enough to know when to behave moderately and hold back.

Mohrgaan is the loyal subordinate of FendoyahThe most striking trait of Fendoyah's serfs is undoubtedly during the imprisonment of the Black Warrior Eric Lodahn and during his stay in the rock temple Amaseron, where the mighty Empress Fendoyah reigns.

Just like his mistress Fendoyah, from the first moment Mohrgaan is very fond of Eric Lodahn and his stubborn fighting spirit. His unbroken resistance to Fendoyah and her followers also impressed Mohrgaan.

As a constant companion and overseer, who takes care of Eric Lodahn personally on the orders of his mistress, Mohrgaan wants to learn more about the rebellious Black Warrior. His capture becomes an interesting task for Fendoyah's longtime servant.

Through his caring and empathetic personality, Mohrgaan even gains the sympathy of Eric Lodahn over time. He also likes the Black Warrior. This attraction goes so far that Mohrgaan, along with Fendoyah, finally changes sides as she unites with him through her deep love for Eric Lodahn.

So Mohrgaan always remains the servant you always meet at the side of Fendoyah.


Mohrgaan – Fendoyah's servant © Fendoyah