The Negahls as a powerful resistance movement against the Dhargken Empire


A major resistance movement that becomes an invincible size

The Negahls are the resistance fighters of the Fendoyah High Fantasy Series

The Negahls are the most prevalent tribe within the world of light Amahgand. Their numerous peoples inhabit the different areas of the country. They range from impassable rocky terrain, mountain valleys, forests to vast desert parts.

The sea of rocks Barnard forms a special focus. It borders directly on the northern mountain and rock landscape of the empire Fehrrol. From there, the first resistance movements begin against the power-seeking empire of the dark magician and supreme commander of darkness Dhargken Eksthrin Medunadt, who wants to destroy the world of light Amahgand entirely.

The rebellion of the Negahls is at the beginning still a fairly wide variety of disorganized battles that the dark ruler Dhargken does not see as a threat.

The Negahls are strong Epic Fantasy Fighters from the Fendoyah High Fantasy Series

Although the Negahl's determined rebel fighters are persistently attacking and battling supply troops of his empire, their combined tribes are still unable to gain decisive clout to seriously defy Dhargken Eksthrin Medunadt and his terrible machinations against the world of light Amahgand.

The Negahls are becoming an energetic fighting resistance movement for the first time through Rhagin Thoralyn, who rebels against Dhargken, whom he himself once trained as the Mage of the Shadows and joins the resistance movement of the Negahls to lead them against the dark empire in the struggle.

When, after all, Eric Lodahn became the leader of the Negahls after Rhagin Thoralyn as the Black Warrior, both the Negahls and their residence in the north of Amahgand gained a decisive size of power: the empire Fehrrol.

The Negahls are the resistance fighters from Fehrrol of the Fendoyah High Fantasy Saga

Under Eric Lodahn, the Negahls become indomitable opponents of the Dhargken Empire. In their emerging resistance movement, the initially insignificant resistance rebels from the vast parts of Amahgand are developing into a symbolic hope for the return of light and the final annihilation of darkness.


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