Rhagin Thoralyn is the master of the magic of the shadows


The great master of the magic of the shadows, that makes not only Dhargken a powerful magician, but also Eric Lodahn the Black Warrior

Rhagin Thoralyn plays a special role among the legendary figures from the Fendoyah story. Because he is a great teacher of the Magic of the Shadows, which enables to rule the entire darkness.

Rhagin Thoralyn is the great master of the magic of the shadowsAbove all, Rhagin Thoralyn himself is the one who trains Dhargken Eksthrin Medunadt into a powerful magician. He makes him so strong that Dhargken becomes so power hungry and takes over the rule of all Amahgand.

Dhargken Eksthrin Medunadt becomes one of the most vicious rulers of darkness that time has seen. Rhagin Thoralyn blames himself as his teacher. And he begins to detest Dhargken for his terrible deeds.

That is why Rhagin Thoralyn is the one who does not follow the mighty magician and supreme commander of darkness Dhargken as he brings the firestorm over Amahgand. Instead, his former teacher secretly joins the resistance movement of the Negahls from the kingdom of Fehrrol.

When Dhargken enslaves the then well-trained magician from the former Viohrdor Guild Eric Lodahn, Rhagin Thoralyn finally turns against his former student and decides his annihilation. He becomes the leader of the rebellious Negahls and frees Eric Lodahn from captivity and torture.

Through the suffering pain of Eric Lodahn and his great desire for revenge, Rhagin Thoralyn decides to teach him the Magic of the Shadows and show him everything he needs to make Eric Lodahn a powerful warrior – more powerful than Dhargken ever was.

Rhagin Thoralyn creates with Eric Lodahn the Black Warrior who takes over in his place the leadership of the Negahls and leads against Dhargken in the war.


Rhagin Thoralyn – Dhargken's teacher © Fendoyah