Eric Lodahn is the Black Warrior who fights against his own feelings


A unique rebel fighter from afar full of strength and charisma

Eric Lodahn is the Black Warrior and powerful rebel fighter of the Fendoyah Story The Black Warrior Eric Lodahn is next to Fendoyah Argatron the powerful main protagonist of Fendoyah's striking story.

His personality is unique. On the one hand, he is as cold as ice, determined, daredevil, death-defying and heroic. And on the other hand bitter, closed and extremely sensitive.

Once enslaved and exploited by Dhargken Eksthrin Medunadt as a fully trained magician of the Viohrdor Guild, Eric Lodahn learns the Magic of the Shadows through Rhagin Thoralyn and thus gets the biggest weapon to effectively fight Dhargken.

Tormented by the memories of his agony, which he had to endure during his imprisonment at Dhargken and driven by the thought of ​​revenge, Eric Lodahn becomes the Black Warrior. An ice-cold avenger, strong and powerful, for whom death has lost its terror.

Eric Lodahn is the powerful Black Warrior from the rebel residence FehrrolIn his firm decision to destroy the mighty magician and supreme commander of darkness Dhargken, the Black Warrior Eric Lodahn leads the rebellious Negahls from the kingdom of Fehrrol against him into battle.

Unbroken in his will, strong in his actions and passionate as a fighter, the Black Warrior becomes an indomitable opponent of the Dhargken Empire. However, his remarkable success is repeatedly clouded by the images of his trauma, which haunt Eric Lodahn again and again.

It seems that this tormenting experience has forever clouded the inner feelings of the Black Warrior, who full of bitterness only seeks revenge.

Until he meets Fendoyah Argatron. As her prisoner. A decisive encounter of destiny that changes everything. Because Fendoyah is the only one who arouses the passionate feelings of the Black Warrior. But she is the powerful and cold-hearted Empress of the Empire Amaseron who works for the Dhargken Empire.

The Black Warrior Eric Lodahn is the iron rebel fighter of the NegahlsFor the Black Warrior Eric Lodahn begins an intense emotional conflict. Although he desires the beautiful Fendoyah from the first moment, he cannot yield to these feelings at any price. The situation becomes the hardest fight that Eric Lodahn has ever led and which is directed against himself.

Especially when Fendoyah constantly harasses him with her physical approaches and makes him her passionate lover against his will on several nights, Eric sees himself in a dead end.

The mighty Black Warrior, who knows no way out and stands on the verge of a great despair that seals his fate forever ...


The Black Warrior Eric Lodahn – © Fendoyah