The Fendoyah song "Dance of the Ruler" shows the inevitable strength of the temptation


The irresistible allure Fendoyah dances the "Dance of the Ruler"

Amaseron is the magical realm of Fendoyah

Music sounds from the far distance of the magical realm.
In the raging rhythm of the beat you can see the beauty dancing.
She stands beyond the good world, taking possession of every man with her evil soul.
Her voice sounds like a soft whisper over the steep rocky mountains to continue its way through the darkness.

Her call is louder, the sounds and messages of her dance get harder.
With her power, she continues her triumphal procession, and the rallies of fate are mounting inexorably.

Voices from the distance are Fendoyah's call for Eric Lodahn

The voices were quiet. Still, I had heard them.
They bounce against the rocks high up in the mountains where I am, driven by the raging wind.
I feel the whispers in me like rushing waves.
They tear things into the timeless flood of darkness and light.
It is the unbearable silence that can be heard everywhere.

Fendoyah is the strong Ruler, that dances in her empire

It is the torrential waves of her dance, and they apply to me.
Because I am the storm in this silence, the Black Warrior of the Negahls.
Great and powerful, I break through the endless vastness of this silence like the raging storm, so strong and proud, as if I were an impregnable fortress.
But it is a delusion, because the next moment I see myself standing in this far distance next to me as I fall into the feminine grace of her dance and long for it.

With her dance of the ruler, Fendoyah entices Eric Lodahn

Dance of the Ruler, her voice calls me out of nowhere.
Based in the distant world of Amaseron she has many faces, for she is a shadow of the magician and supreme commander of darkness Dhargken.

She is the eternal curse that rips men's hearts out to devour them forever, the chaos.
Beyond the good world, she is the temptation.
Dominates what she destines for her.
Her realm is evil, black shadows from nowhere that whisper my name.

Fendoyah is the undisputed ruler with passion for Eric Lodahn

So I fall more and more to her passionate dance.
I am restless, far away by night and fog, longing for her touch.

She caresses me with her lust to lure me into this darkness so that I will be as dark as her night.

Dance of the Ruler, her irresistible lure directs my gaze to Amaseron, the rock temple of her power.

Fendoyah's magical dance fascinates Eric Lodahn

Because she is the mistress of the shadows, the eternal curse, the chaos, the temptation.
Dominates what she destined for her, for all eternity.


Song lyrics of Dance of the Ruler – © Fendoyah