This is the story of the Fendoyah song Dhargken's Curse


It was the wrath of the supreme magician about the unrequited love that forever froze Fendoyah's soul to stone

Dhargken punishes Fendoyah by his curse

Once sprung from a stream of fire in the land of Amahgand,
to thrive with the beauty of this world
and then hit by the flames of the eternal ring
cursed by Dhargken in his anger
because I got away from his affection
I became the mighty weapon of his empire

Amaseron is the residence of Fendoyah 

I am the ruler, command over Amaseron with my power
no one can break it, no matter how strong he may be
because I am Fendoyah
draw everyone into my spell
who looks into my face
for my beauty is limitless
takes possession of every man

In Dhargken's Curse Eric Lodahn becomes a prisoner

so I take what I desire
for now and eternity
which no mortal can defy

but far from my throne
somewhere out there in the infinity of the rocky sea
I see myself standing next to me
full of longing and pain
deep in my heart
which once froze to ice

The Black Warrior Eric Lodahn becomes an intense passion for Fendoyah

because there he stands
so strong, so unyielding
as the image of the man in perfection
the one who is destined to be the master of my wildness

and to move my deep feelings

In the sea of rocks Barnard Fendoyah and Eric come together

so it lures me out into this vastness
to meet him
the Black Warrior of Light

we touch us gently in the endless silence
knowing that we are one
and the same forever
out there in the infinity of the rocky sea
where we are
Fendoyah and Eric Lodahn

Fendoyah dances wildly in the throne of her kingdom

but then Dhargken’s curse takes possession of me again
and I dance wildly in the throne of my kingdom,
surrounded by my slaves
because I am Fendoyah
strong and powerful
which no one opposes
for my heart is made of ice

cold and ruthless

but the thought
of the Black Warrior of Light
is still deep inside me

a thought I cannot forget
as I cannot forget him


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This is the Label of the Fendoyah Song Dhargken's Curse



Song lyrics of Dhargken's Curse – © Fendoyah