Eric Lodahn is the man who awakens Fendoyah's feelings


The Black Warrior and heroic resistance fighter from the land of Fehrrol becomes an intense emotional dream for Fendoyah.

The Black Warrior Eric Lodahn at the Gate of Eternity

My thoughts rush, bring me far away from the rock temple Amaseron and carry me far out to Fehrrol, in the land of the Negahls.

Around me this silence is like an eternal darkness. I know exactly what leads me here.

It's my feelings – feelings that changed everything. I carry them within me like a sharp dagger that I cannot pull out of my heart.

Despite this darkness outside in the sea of rocks, I see a light. It is big and bright as the sun and attracts me like a magnet. Then comes the moment that shakes my heart to the deepest fiber.

Eric Lodahn appears in the Sea of Rocks to meet Fendoyah

Like a fog, HE appears out of nowhere. So wonderful and gorgeous full of strength and pride. A man unbroken in his will and great in his feelings.

He is a man from afar who once believed himself lost like me. A man I cannot forget. Eric Lodahn, the Black Warrior.

Only for short moments we meet here out on the sea of rocks and know that we are one through our feelings that never end.

In his presence I encounter longing and pain, the bygone and the lost that I had thought I had forgotten. But he has opened the door to my reality, is wild and impetuous like me and lives his feelings.

Fendoyah and Eric in a dream of eternal love

It is the dream of an eternity in the distance. And I clearly see the greenery of nature in front of me of which I had once sprung from. Behind every tree, every shrub and every flower, I see life. A pleasure that I had long forgotten.

Unusual closeness was what was in me and that I no longer believed I wanted to. And it was power in me. The power of peace and quiet. The way to the light.

It was a wonderful feeling. A sense of connectedness and closeness.
He captivated me, was a man whom I felt strongly connected to through the closeness we both wanted.

I feel my excitement and do not want to miss a second of this dream.
These are feelings that had been in me for so long. I had never loved so much.

Fendoyah in the Fire Temple outside in the sea of rocks

But a hard and moving fate moves my mind, because although we are identical in nature, we are still on opposite sides.

In his heart burns the yearning for love in eternal solidarity, to live this life to the end, just as in mine.

I feel his thoughts, feel his longing for the distance and at the same time his pain.

The love of eternity, so they will tell about it at that time in another place. Where it should begin ...


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