A strong Fendoyah song about the favor of the supreme magician


Dhargken's passionate affection for the beauty Fendoyah is unbroken

Fendoyah in the favor of the supreme magician

The pointed towers of the gigantic structures of the rock fortress Prinocter pointed toward the sky like armored combat monster.

It was the base of the Dhargken Empire.

Prinocter, the rock fortress of the eternal fire beyond Amahgand, divided the indivisible.
Created from the unruly powers of the magician and supreme commander of darkness, Dhargken,
from the unfathomed depths of the underworld and the raging waves of the storm, it broke the light with darkness and brought back the evil: the dark age of the Dhargken empire.

The rock fortress Prinocter is Dhargken's residence

Dhargken in the glowing fire
has risen from the depths of depravity
to bring death and destruction

he was the darkest abyss in the shadow realm Prinocter,
the Empire of Black Dragon Magic
it was his voice that they followed,
to announce the prophecy of annihilation

The sinister Dhargken Empire rules over Amaseron

"Behind gloomy, ancient walls of the past,
I was the shadow, gloomy, cruel and mean.
Of dark caresses dark as the night,
surrounded by black figures from nowhere,
mean creatures,
creatures of my desire,
which whispered my name,
Dhargken, the supreme commander of darkness.
Destined to destroy the world of light forever
and with it the Negahls from the rebel country of Fehrrol. "

Fendoyah is Dhargken's passionate Love

In the midst of my tremendous triumph, SHE stood.
It was an image of fantasy and reality: FENDOYAH!
Myself, the supreme Commander Dhargken had placed her at the center of the power of my dark realm of black dragon magic because I loved her like no other.

I saw her clearly in front of me.
Fendoyah with her unique beauty that killed me.

It was like a thousand voices,
they suddenly screamed and then suddenly fell silent again.

I felt a great shock in me when I saw her.
She came up to me. With the presence of an irresistible femininity and strength that almost took my breath away.

Her feline eyes hungered like a predator for integrity, to devour it forever.

The darkest night was the brightest day and I knew: she was the triumph of my dark kingdom.

Fendoyah and Dhargken in the rock fortress Prinocter

Immediately, the black dragons stood tight in my throne room as Fendoyah passed them.
She walked without haste along the ranks of the guards to my throne. Like me, she knew no hurry.
"Great men never showed any haste," she once told me. "Great men make others hurry."

I knew she was stronger and more powerful than ever, relentlessly awaiting the battle of conquest. Victory secure, filled with icy coldness and cruelty, on her way to conquest, to join other powers like her.

She was more attractive and provocative than ever when she bowed to me with a graceful head motion.

The irresistible beauty of Fendoyah fascinates the supreme magician Dhargken

"You have wished for my coming, exalted one."

"You know, there's no more beautiful moment for me," I told her, taking her hand to raise her. I pulled her close to me. I would have liked to kiss her.

With a seductive movement, she deftly avoided my grip.

"As I know, Exalted, you long for the leader of the Negahls. Eric Lodan, the Black Warrior."

"I'm sure the news from the rebel country of Fehrrol is promising."

Now Fendoyah lay down at my throne at my feet, passionately embracing my legs.

"Only so much that I will encourage progress with methods to bring you the Black Warrior Eric Lodahn before the night of the raging moon breaks again."

I leaned down to her.

"As Empress of Amaseron you commanded my army. With your stratagem you are superior to everyone. There could not be a better one among my men for that. "

"You are for me the most powerful magician, Exalted and the greatest of all rulers."

"As always you are full of irony and aloof."

"Oh, I've never felt so powerful and overwhelmed."

"Overwhelmed? I would like to defeat you, Fendoyah. But I'm afraid that fate is not reserved for a man mortal in this world. "

Now her eyes blazed as she said:
"You could be right."

And I knew that I was right I thought then ...


Song story of In the favor of the Supreme Magician – © Fendoyah