Intoxicating sensory impressions of the Fendoyah song Magical Attraction

The spiritual power of Fendoyah is unbroken

This is Fendoyah's Dance in the magical fire temple

It is the seductive power of the love spell.
It comes from a unique woman.
It is strong emotions that confuse our senses.

See Fendoyah in the temple and you experience ecstasy

Nothing is more captivating than the breathtaking sight of her beauty.
Thus she is the feminine perfection of all passions, masters the art of seduction, is lure and ruin at the same time.

Fendoyah surrounded by her servants

Her rock temple Amaseron is a place of oblivion.
Once you feel the deep sting of her magical clawed hands you are no longer master of your senses, but forever a prisoner of her beauty.

Fendoyah punishes her guardians with prison

Fendoyah – her magical attraction is unbroken.
Surrounded by her bestial guards she dances unruly through the rock temple.
Each expression of her movements makes you forget the world around you.

Fendoyah – you see her dancing and dream the battle of conquest, because her magical attraction is unbroken.

It is the event of a spiritual revelation like a spiritual ritual, when Fendoyah with her flawless body
opens up a new world of perception.

The fantasy dance of Fendoyah is magical

Her bestial guards, who wind around her in ecstasy, stretch out their arms towards her and submit to the intoxicating rhythm of her movements.

Fendoyah – her magical attraction is a union with the supersensible.
One hears the heavy breath of her bestial guards in their beguiling intoxication.

With their souls forever trapped in the rock temple of Amaseron, they bow in trance to the whipping rhythm of their ruler.

Because it is Fendoyah with her magical attraction, which is strong and powerful, and her bestial guards who follow her to unconditional powerlessness.

The magical power of Fendoyah awakens passion

Her magical attraction awakens desire and passion.
There where longing becomes reality.
In the rock temple of Amaseron – the empire of her power.


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Magical Attraction is the spiritual Dance Epic Music Video by Fendoyah



Song lyrics of Magical Attraction – © Fendoyah