The encounter with Fendoyah becomes a passionate night of fate


An encounter that becomes a symbolic fate

Eric Lodahn is the strong Black Warrior of the Fehrrol realm

Once upon a time in distant days it happened.
It was dark days when I met her
It was a moment I never forgot.
An event that had never happened to me before.
I was leader of the Negahls in the fight against the dark Dhargken Empire and SHE ruler of the dark throne at the side of my enemies ....

The resistance of Eric Lodahn against the passionate feelings for Fendoyah

.. Like a boulder I stand against her,
strength and pride burn in my eyes,
I'm strong for a night that has no tomorrow,
by night and fog, knowing that the sun will never rise.

The encounter with Fendoyah becomes a painful night of fate for Eric Lodahn

Despite this fact, I braved her, her coldness and asserted myself before her,
when her bestial guardians put me in chains and forcibly took me to the Empress.
Ironically, I resisted their firm holds. But they held me tight and dragged me.

SHE had ordered me to her and I could already feel her breath.
Did not want to meet her that night. Tonight.
But the big gate in front of me was pushed open.
There she was. More beautiful and flawless than ever.

SHE was surrounded by her bestial guards, who were busy wrestling for her favor.

Everyone wanted to be desired by her.

But SHE only had a cold and unruffled look and got away from her grips.

Eric becomes a prisoner of Fendoyah in the Night of Destiny

A quick glance from her was enough to force the guards aside and make my heart rage.
SHE fixed me immediately, had only eyes for me.
Everything around us faded.
It was as if we were suddenly alone in the great hall, her throne room, as if we were in a dream, a dream that should never end ....

But it was not a dream.
SHE stood in front of me. And SHE was relentless and cold.
From the first moment SHE looked at me, I knew she would be the winner in this fight.

Fendoyah puts The Black Warrior Eric Lodahn in chains

Oh, I know about my desperation and I cannot help it
Any questions I could ask myself would never get an answer.
Oh, how can it be reality, what I feel?

My feelings are a desperate struggle against myself and I try to banish them from my heart.
But I know that I cannot be free from her, from her desire for her.
And then I feel my powers dwindle.
Cannot replace cowardice with courage, weakness not through strength, pain not through anger.

Oh, you wonderful, fascinating female creature, imbued with perfection, never met such a flawless and pretty woman like you.

For Fendoyah and Eric begins a fate that determines their lives

I feel the frantic desire for you to overwhelm my whole body when you look deep into my eyes and want me to be one with you in this dark, magical night of the raging moon.

But I know we can never get together, seeing you alongside my enemies.

Oh, I hate you for your cruelty and coldness and the brutality with which you make the souls of men your own.

You will never own me like this. No way.
But my desire for you is stronger than any other feeling in my life before.
And I know, I fight for a night that has no tomorrow.
At night and fog, knowing that the sun will never rise.
And this passion will never end!



Song lyrics of Night of Destiny – © Fendoyah