Eric Lodahn and Fendoyah Argatron in the strongest conflict of their feelings


The seduction of a heroic warrior in the storm of passion between worlds

Read the Lyrics of the Epic Fantasy Music Song by Fendoyah Argatron "Passion Between Worlds"

The night goes by and it's day
but also the day stays dark
in my heart and in my soul

because I am a prisoner to whom I have made myself
I went into a trap that I immediately recognized
I went into the dark shadow realm of my worst enemy

especially to see the woman
I carry in my innermost visions
Fendoyah Argatron

Eric Lodahn is the heroic Epic Warrior of the Fendoyah Saga 

She made me her slave
chained by her bestial guards
tortured, forced by her wild passion
to break my will

and now I am a prisoner of her passion
exhausted and at the end of my strength
stunned and intoxicated by the spell of her magic ring
which is the worst of all drugs
I am now alone in my despair
in the dungeon of her chambers

This is the song lyrics of the powerful and emotional Epic Music by Fendoyah Argatron 

all I now see is HER

my thoughts race
take me far away
into another world

Lyrics of the Fantasy Music Epic Love Song "Passion Between Worlds" of the Fendoyah Saga

where she is not the ice-cold ruler
and intriguing accomplice of Dhargken
where I meet HER
in the deep intoxication of my yearning desire

where I rule alone as the Black Warrior
and have the power

to determine about her

This is the lyrics of the Fendoyah Argatron song Passion Between Worlds  

I call HER
out into the endless expanses of the sea of rocks Barnard
eager, wild and impetuous
until she stands in front of me
and kindles the man in me

who wants to take her and love her forever

unruly, she throws her long black hair backwards
squirms unbridled in the dance in front of me
agitated, willing and ready for anything
to be one with me

Lyrics of the High Fantasy Love Song Passion Between Worlds by Fendoyah Argatron

I'll conquer her on this full moon night
far out in the sea of rocks Barnard
in the knowledge that only I am the man
who can take her
hard, wild, passionate and gentle

So we become one in the intoxication of violent feelings
in our love and passion
where I take her as a man
to be near her forever ....

Lyrics of the Epic Fantasy Music Love Song Passion Between Worlds by Fendoyah Argatron

Noises are heard
they tear the night and my soul
I feel the deep pain breaking over me
because they are drums that shake everything around us

then the loud beating of swords on the shields
louder and louder the noise
louder and louder the drums
louder and louder the voices

there they stand
our troops with all their determination
to wage war to the bitter end
looking forward to the fight

and they are waiting for US – their leaders:
Fendoyah Argatron and Eric Lodahn

Lyrics of the Epic Fantasy Music Song Passion Between Worlds of the Fendoyah Saga

then I see ourselves standing there next to us
at the forefront of our troops
how we cheer them on to fight
and show our power

she as Fendoyah Argatron and commander
of the army of the dark Shadowrealm of Dhargken
in the fight against the rebel empire Fehrrol

Lyrics of the High Fantasy Music Song Passion Between Worlds by Fendoyah Argatron

and me as Eric Lodahn – Leader of the Negahls and Black Warrior
in the fight against the dark Shadowrealm of Dhargken

my despair carries no name
only the pain of my soul

because our passion is between worlds
that separate us forever

passion between worlds
unbearable is the pain
passion between worlds
my yearning kills me

Song Lyrics of the Epic Fantasy Love Theme "Passion Between Worlds" by Fendoyah Argatron

because it is the passion between worlds
that brought us together
and makes me love Fendoyah Argatron forever ...


Song lyrics of Passion Between Worlds – © Fendoyah


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