Fendoyah's Black Warrior is a strong song about eternal love


The cold-hearted Fendoyah discovers her deep passion for the Black Warrior Eric Lodahn

The Passion between Fendoyah and Eric is growing

Time goes its ways to another place.
It is the sea of rocks called Barnard. There it happens.
Around me, this silence is like a dark night.
I hear this silence. It's a time that changes everything.

Like a blinding ray of light, he suddenly stands in front of me, magically attracts me.
The Black Warrior. He is a man of the distance. Someone you do not forget.

Fendoyah and Eric meet in the sea of rocks

Black Warrior, you are in the far reaches of Barnard
where we meet
Black Warrior, your attraction is unbroken
wild waves full of emotions and passion
overcome my mind and body
and I want you like no other man before

I stand against Dhargken like a boulder
I am strong at night and in fog knowing
that I’m closer to the Black Warrior
than any other feeling in my life

The first encounter determines the fate of Fendoyah and Eric

Black Warrior, you are forever breaking this darkness
nothing can stop you in this raging full moon night,
which is as restless as you are

Black Warrior, you rise up against yourself, fight for your control
I feel your thoughts, hear your voice outside in the vastness of the sea of rocks
where we meet
to be one forever
where we are
only Eric Lodahn and Fendoyah

The fascination between Fendoyah and Eric is unbroken

Black Warrior, nothing can break your resistance
the unbearable desire for passion,
that you have always longed for
determine your destiny from now on
there in the far distance of Barnard
where we meet.

Between Fendoyah and Eric begins a passionate Love

I feel your closeness and your insatiable desire for me
and know, this moment of true life will unite us forever.


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The Black Warrior is the emotional Epic Music Video by Fendoyah



Song lyrics of The Black Warrior – © Fendoyah