An emotional Epic Warrior song about love and passion


Fendoyah Argatron and Eric Lodahn – the violent collision of two power worlds

The deep feelings between Fendoyah and Eric Lodahn is the violent collision of two power worlds

It was the powerful Shadowrealm Prinocter
I had committed myself
where Dhargken Eksthrin Medunadt reigned
in the realm of eternal fire
to lead the battle of conquest and annihilation

Prinocter is the powerful Shadowrealm of the magician Dhargken Eksthrin Medunadt

but this relentless fight
someone else had conspired too
someone who was drawn
by deep wounds of his past

someone who strong and unyielding
just like the sinister magician Dhargken
had the magic of the shadows at his side

someone I was always carrying in my mind
and about whom I wanted to know everything:
Eric Lodahn, the Black Warrior

The heroic resistance fighter Eric Lodahn in the far sea of rocks Barnard

an inexplicable urge of the distance
drove me far beyond the sea of rocks Barnard
into the land of the Negahls – the rebel empire Fehrrol
where he was
Eric Lodahn, the Black Warrior

I myself decided to deliver him to Dhargken,
but in truth I wanted him myself
and knew our identity would bring us together
there, in the deep ravines of the rebel empire Fehrrol
where HE would follow my call
to become my prisoner
Eric Lodahn, the Black Warrior .....

Fehrrol is the land of the rebellious Negahls

It was the intense breath of a whisper
like a thousand voices calling for me
and I knew it was HER thoughts

Fendoyah Argatron, the powerful ruler of Amaseron
whose beauty took possession of every man's soul

I knew she had come for my sake alone
right here to Fehrrol
and she would drive her army to destruction
just to get me

the whispering voices drove me farther and farther into the ravines
away from Rhagin Thoralyn and my men
I knew it was a trap
but my urge to follow her call was stronger than any reason

Eric Lodahn is captured in the ravines of Fehrrol by the bestial guards

then they came
Fendoyah's bestial guards
surrounded me
to take me from the far distances of my empire Fehrrol
into the dark realm
the rock temple Amaseron
the residence of the throne of Fendoyah

Fendoyah's bestial guards and their violent attacks on Eric Lodahn

my powers lost more and more in the fight
against the violent attacks of the bestial guards
they were all around me
seized me, held me and tied my arms

then this magnificent throne room
and Fendoyah with her beguiling femininity
surrounded by the ectatic arms of their bestial guards
who wrestled for her favor

The powerful ruler Fendoyah has a beguiling feminity

the sight killed me just as she slew me

the beautiful woman at the side of my worst enemy Dhargken
who magically attracted me like no one else before
an irresistible woman who aroused feelings in me
that I could never get involved with

my desperate screams were lost in nowhere
as I fought doggedly in the dungeon
against the chains, against Fendoyah's guards and their violence
and against HER and her wild passion
with which she forced me to sex

In her wild passion Fendoyah forces Eric Lodahn to sex

a tremendous shock tore my body
they were tortures, great torments
they mingle with the ectatic passion
to unbearable pain
the pain from my trauma

the wild tug of beastly guards
their brutal violence with which they tore my clothes
to expose my upper body for Dhargken's magic dagger
with which he disgraced me
to use my powers for the greatness of his empire

I groaned, turned and fought doggedly
against Fendoyah's wild passion and the grips of her guards
I could not endure

Fendoyah and Eric Lodahn are connected by an eternal love 

they were silent screams
they carried me far out into the sea of ​​rocks
Barnard – the distance of an endless silence that made everything last forever
where the deep pains in the chest tore my whole body
where I met her in my yearning desire
to love her forever by my side
Fendoyah .....

A thousand stitches pierced me
like a sharp knife
that I could not pull out of my body
it was Eric Lodahn and my unbearable feelings for him

Every moment in which I forcibly forced him to this passion
tore my soul into painful memories
memories of my past about who I really was once

Fendoyah and the blazing stream of fire in the sea of rocks Barnard

it was the truth about myself
it lay in the endless expanse of the sea of ​​rocks Barnard
where a blazing stream of fire hit me
like the deep feelings for Eric Lodahn
to determine destiny forever

it was a way of life that we both should go
to become one with the light forever ........


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